anthology –– antología ––文选 -- مقتطفات          مقتطفات

anthologie -- אנתולוגיה - антология -


September 4th to 8th –– 2012

Antology 2012



Prof.. Dr.. Ernesto Kahan.. WAAC Sec General and 1st Vice President

Comite of the Anthology of the 32 WCP

Susana Roberts, Marga Mangione, Bei Ta, Ernesto Kahan, Elma Photikarm

Edited and published by

Editorial Brasego

7 Hanita St. No 2. Kfar Saba 44405. Israel

Copyright 2012 by 32 WCP. All right reserved

ISBN: 978-965-90993-2-0

Antology 2012



XXXII World Congrress ooff Poets -- WCP

President: Ernesto Kahan

Honorary President: Luis Alberto Ambroggio

Vice presidents

Yu Liansheng - Responsible for the Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition for cultural exchange. Susana Roberts; Milagros Hernández Chiliberti; Bella Clara Ventura.

Honorary Vice presidents

Carlos Garrido Chalén; Eduardo González Viaña;

Herzel Hakak; Gad Kaynar; Rubén Pasino

Directors of relaciones with Poets

Hedva Robinson Bachrach; Uzit Dagan; Pnina Frenkel; Susana Roberts; Victoria Romero; Iael Vered; Mina Weil.

Comitee of Anthology

Ernesto Kahan; Susana Roberts; Marga Mangione; Elma Photikarm; Bei Ta

Directors for Poetry Contest Jury:

Graciela Nasif; Elma D. Photikarm; Afaa Weaver; Marie Robert; Hedva Robinson bachrach


Bolivia: Edmundo Torrejón Jurado; Argentina: Marga Mangione; Chile: Mónica Gómez; México: Victoria Romero; France: Guy Crequie

Press Responsible: Shoshana Vegh

Director of final report: Graciela Nasif



Table of content / Índice


Editors - Committee of the Anthology of the 32 WCP-2

Authoritiesof the 32 World Congress of Poets - WCP-3

World Academy of Arts and Culture. Founders. Executive Board-4

Sponsoring and / or collaborating institutions-5

Welcome by Yehuda Ben Hamo. Mayor, City of Kfar Saba-6

Introduction by the President of the 32 WCP-7

Introducción por el Presidente del WCP 32-9

PROLOGUE –by Dr. Yu His. Patron WAAC/WCP-12

PREFACE by Dr. Maurus Young President WAAC/WCP-15

FOREWORD by Dr.Tin-wen Chung. Founder WAAC/WCP-19

Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition for cultural exchange-20

Works in homage to the 32 WCP prepare by Vice President of 32 WCP, Dr. Yu Liansheng-21

Calligraphy of poem of Haim Nahman Bialik-22

Calligraphy of poem of E Kahan-23

Toshie TAI. President of the WAAC-Calligraphy Institute in Japan (WAAC-CIJ)-26

Greetings – Mensajes – Salutations -問候 -拝啓 -30

Gombojav MEND-OOYO - 2nd Vice President-31

István Turczi – 3rd Vice President-32

Afaa Michael Weaver, Board member-33

Bei Ta, Board member-34

Maria E. Soberanis, Board member-34

Dorothy Young - Public Relations and Michelle Wang, Treasurer-35

Anthology 32 WCP. Authors– Autores-36


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