By Dr.Tin-wen Chung




Dr.Tin-wen Chung


Founder of World Academy of Arts and Culture, Inc.


Co-Founder of World Congress of Poets


The opening of 32nd World Congress of Poets in Tel Aviv, capital city of Israel, in the year of 2012 bears special significance.


The World Congress of Poets was founded in 1969 and today we are celebrating its 43th founding anniversary with happiness. Progress has been made in fields of world peace and mutual understanding. I should be with you in this grand occasion in my capacity as the only living founder of WCP and its governing body WAAC and shouting: “Happy Birthday”! 

Unfortunately, I can’t make long voyage anymore due to my age and poor health. However, I wish that you may read aloud with me “Objectives of the World Congress of Poets” for mutual encouragement: 


I. To close ranks for the fulfillment of its cherished dreams of BROTHERHOOD and peace so that:

          There should be no disunity but understanding;

          There should be no discrimination but respect for individual;

          There should be no one creed but all religions;

          There should be no hate but love for mankind;

          There should be no political barriers but equality for all; and

          There should be no specific color nor race but all colors and races.


II.      To set some rules to protect the organization for all times from the political beliefs and encroachment by any particular nation or ideology.


III. To encourage the local representatives, unknown and shy poets to come out of their shells and contribute their works to the world.


IV. As before, the main theme of this Congress “WORLD BROTHERHOOD and PEACE THROUGH POETRY”