Prof. Dr. Ernesto Kahan

1st Vice President and Secretary General WAAC/WCP

President co Founder United Nations of Letters

Co-President -UHE- International Union of Hispano-American Writers


The World Academy of Arts and Culture, in its Board meeting developed in the City of Kenosha, United States of America, during the 31 World Congress of Poets in the year 2011, decided to publish a new up-today version of the WAAC/WCP  History Book. 

I was nominated to prepare and edit this book with the idea that it will be distributed among the participant poets of the 32 World Congress of Poets to be developed in 2012 in Israel with a literary tour in Holy places. 

The important growth and develop occurred in the Academy of Arts and Culture and the World Congresses of Poets, along with the popular generalization of the Internet, imposes new lines of action in order to achieve the objectives of the Academy. This book is inseparable part of those programs. 

WAAC/WCPs generate an important and beneficial interaction between poets of all continents. Such interaction, next to the tendencies of the literary schools in which they move, influences the profuse poetic production of the members of the Academy which doubtlessly follow the essential qualities of the lyric as Aristotle defined.  

Always poetry was considered a literary creation (“Poesis - ποίησις”, “creation” in Greek) that express feelings and emotions by means of the word used with musicality and metaphors. All those elements are important and play a fundamental roll in poetry. 

Poets of the Academy feel us elements of the human society in which they live and responsible for the aesthetic values and uses of the word for the good of humanity.