1- The World Academy of Arts and Culture shall be an affiliated institution of the World Congress of Poets, with the purpose to fulfill the goal of the Congress, “World Brotherhood and Peace Through poetry”


 2-  The Academy shall be founded in accordance with Section one of Article 4 of the Charter of the World Congress of Poets which reads as follows:


 An Academy of Arts and Culture of the World Congress of Poets may be established with a Board of Trustees not more than eight in number, including Presidents of past Congresses and six other Congress delegates whom the past Presidents may appoint.  The Academy may award the deserving poets and men of letters literary distinctions, honors and citations, including laureateships and honorary degrees.


 3- The Academy shall have a Board of Trustees of eight members.  The Presidents of past congresses shall be ex officio Permanent Trustees and they shall appoint the other Trustees from the Congress delegates to whom their appointment shall be valid until the next Congress. 


4- The Board of Trustees shall have a Chairman and a Vice Chairman to be elected from among its members. The election shall be held at each session of the Congress and the elected shall be eligible for re-election. 


5- The Academy shall have a President and a Vice President to be elected by the Board with the nomination of its Chairman.  The election shall be held at each session of the Congress and the elected shall be eligible for re-election.  The office of the President shall be used as the headquarters of the Academy for his term of office. 


6- The Academy shall have a Secretary General and a Deputy Secretary General to be appointed by its President with the agreement of its Board.  The office of the Secretary General shall be used as the secretariat of the Academy for his term of office. 


7- The Academy shall have a Treasurer and an Auditor to be appointed by its President with the agreement of its board. 


8- The Academy shall have a number of Judges, considered with the distribution of large areas and major languages throughout the world, to be appointed by its President with the agreement of its Board. 


9- The candidates for the awards of the Academy, including laureateships and honorary degrees as well as prizes in cash, shall be recommended by poetry and literary societies of the member states or areas of the World Congress of Poets, or nominated by the Trustees of the Academy.  The candidates shall be requested to offer the Academy their works published in book form two copies at least together with biographical data for the judgment of proper Judge or Judges.  After final approval of the Board, the successful candidates shall be officially announced by the President.   The announcement shall be made once a year and the ceremony shall be held at the session of the Congress.  The diploma of the award shall carry the signatures of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the board, and the President, Vice President as well as Secretary General of the Academy. 


10- The Academy shall establish a foundation, with its funds to be raised by its Board.  Regulations governing the foundation and its administration shall be formulated separately. 


 11- The Academy shall publish bulletin to report its activities and anthology to introduce the recipients of its awards. 


 12- The Academy shall be registered by law as a non-profit-making institution incorporated.  The registration shall be first made in Taipei, the Republic of China, since the Academy shall be founded on the base of the Charter of the World Congress of Poets which was promulgated there in 1973, and also to be made in other countries if necessary. 


13- The Academy shall have Honorary Chairman and Honorary Trustees of its Board to be appointed by the Chairman of the Board with the agreement of Permanent Trustees.


Tin-wen Chung




The 2nd WCP                                                             


Jeno Platthy




The 3rd WCP                         


Cho, Byung-hwa




The 4th WCP







We, the poets of various nations of the world, have decided to mobilize and organize our kind into a World Congress of Poets to substitute peace for war in the minds of men, by educating mankind with love of peace and of fellowmen, that is, the promotion of world brotherhood and peace through poetry and by means of their encounters an interchange of culture and reciprocal comprehension.




l. An itinerant World Congress of Poets shall meet at least once every two years or, if necessary, earlier. It shall be organized by a national or international cultural body after previous agreement of the Secretary-general and consultation with the International Committee. The proposal to organize such a Congress shall be put to the Congress for approval.


2. The World Congress of Poets is open to all poets, editors, literary critics irrespective of nationality, race, religion or ideology.




1. The Congress shall choose the President of the succeeding Congress. The President-elect shall organize the material side of the Congress and shall be responsible for all decisions taken. He shall choose his assistants and honorary representatives to preside over the meetings and coordinate the work. 


2. The Secretary-general sees to the continuity of the Congress, convenes and presides over the International Committee, evaluates the candidates of the future Congresses, signs decisions and administers the permanent fund of Secretariats. The original Charter shall be deposited with the Secretariats. It shall be his duty to see to its application. 


3. The International Committee is the consultative body of the Congress. It shall be composed of poets from the six continents providing for, as far as possible, equitable geographic and linguistic representation, the maximum number being fifteen. 


4. The Presidents of the Congresses shall be titled "Presidents Emeriti". 


5. The official languages of the Congress are English, Spanish and French. Decisions shall be drawn up in all these languages.





All decisions of the Congress shall be by a simple majority of that .present and voting.





An Academy of Arts and Culture of the World Congresses of Poets shall be set up with an executive committee composed of not more than eleven members. The Academy may award literary distinctions to such persons who, in its opinion, deserve recognition.





The Congress shall have power to amend the present Charter by a majority decision.





The present Charter supersedes the previous Charter proclaimed in Taipei, Republic of China, on the Seventeenth day of November, 1973.


Adopted in Madrid, Spain, on July, 1982, by the Sixth World Congress of Poets and submitted the same day to the Secretary-general of the Congress in the official languages.



Signed by The International Committee:


O. Odon Betanzos Palacios – Spain, Charles Carrere - Africa 

Byung-Hwa Cho – Korea, Tin-wen Chung - Rep. of China

P. Brian Cox – Australia; Eugene Van Itterbeek – Belgium

Justice S. Mohan – India, Mimmo Morina – Italy

Justo Jorge Padron – Spain, Krishna Srinivas – India

Rosemary Wilkinson – USA, Jeno Platthy – USA

Lou Lutour – USA





Whereas in the working of the Congress certain practical difficulties have arisen.


Whereas certain Articles of the Charter are ambiguous and it has become expedient to remove the said ambiguities.


Whereas in keeping with the growth of the Congress.


Whereas to make the Charter to be in keeping with the times, and to provide better norms, it is hereby amended as follows :



Powers of the Congress


1.    All the powers of the Congress shall vest in the Executive Committee.


2.    The composition of the Executive Committee :


a)    President :


As is mentioned in Article II (Clause 1) of the Charter.


b)    Secretary General :


As referred to in Article II (Clause 2).


c)    Three Vice Presidents.


d)    Four Executive Committee members.


e)    One Treasurer.


f)     Public Relations Officer.



Term of office



1.    The Executive Committee shall hold office for a period of three years subject to re-election.


2.    The President shall preside over the Executive Committee.


3.      The Secretary General shall carry out the day to day administration. In addition to the functions as listed under Article II (item 2) of the Charter.


4.    All the Accounts of the Congress shall be maintained by the Treasurer and the moneys received by the Congress by way of subscriptions, donations, or of the like kind shall be deposited in the bank. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance of true and proper accounts.


5.    The Bank Accounts may be operated under the signature of the treasurer or in the absence of the said treasurer, by the Secretary General.


6.    The President Emeriti (as referred to in Article II (item 4) will be the head and shall have no power concerning in the affairs of the Congress. Such a President shall be treated with due dignity and honour.


7.    The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in a year.


8.    Any country interested in convening the Annual Conference shall submit his application to the Secretary General on or before 15th of every English Calendar month with a copy marked to the President. The Executive Committee shall consider such applications and grant the necessary permission to conduct unless and until such permission which shall not be open to any country to convene such a conference.


9.    The Executive Committee shall have the power to add, vary, delete any bye-law as may be deemed fit from time to time. 


Approved and signed by The Executive Committee on September 6, 2007 in Chennai, India, at the XXVII World Congress of Poets :



Justice S. Mohan (President)


Maurus Young (Secretary General)


Milan Richter (1st Vice President)


Ernesto Kahan (2nd Vice President)


Eugenia Soberanis (3rd Vice President)


Michelle Wang (Treasurer)


Dorothy Young (Public Relations)