32th World Congress of Poets-WCP 2012, Israel. Prizes for the Poetry Contest


The following is a Closing Report provided by Dr. Graciela Nasif (WAAC life member and Hon Lit Dr.).





The Congress took place in the City of Kfar Saba, under the auspices of the Honorable Board of the World Academy of Art and Culture, from 4th – 7th September, 2012, under the chairmanship of Prof. Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Kahan, Vice President and Secretary General of the World Academy of Art and Culture, and of the WAAC President, Dr. Maurus Young. The XXXII World Congress was inaugurated with the motto:

“Poetry, aroma of peace for life”



XXXII WCP Authorities:


Dr. Luis Alberto Ambroggio- Honorary President

Dr. Yu Liansheng / Susana Roberts / Bella Clara Ventura – Vice Presidents

Poet Herzel Hakak / Prof. Gad Kaynar / Dr. Ruben Pasino- Honorary Vice Presidents

Dr. Hedva Robinson Bachrach / Uzit Dagan / Pnina Frenkel / Susana Roberts / Victoria Romero / Iael Vered/ Mina Weil- Poets Relationship Directors.

Ernesto Kahan / Susana Roberts / Marga Mangione / Bei Ta- Anthology Committee

Dr. Maurus Young / Susana Roberts/ Graciela Nasif / Dr. Afaa Weaver / Dr. Luis Alberto Ambroggio - Juries Poetry Contest.

Edmundo Torrejón Jurado/ Marga Mangione / Monica Gomez / Victoria Romero / Guy Crequie-Ambassadors

Shoshana Vegh-Responsible Press

Graciela Nasif-Director of Final Report. Susan Roberts / Dr. Hedva Robinson Bachrach, Committee Final Report.


The Congress was opened by Dr. Maurus Young, WAAC President, and Dr. Ernesto Kahan, Congress President.

Welcoming greetings were given by Dr. Ernesto Kahan, Congress President, and by Academician Dr. Luis Alberto Ambroggio, Honorary President of the Congress.

Mr. Yehuda Ben Hamo, Mayor of Kfar Saba, presented greetings, as did Anita Mazor, Director of Scientific and Cultural Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel; poet Herzl Hakak President of the Association of Hebrew Writers in Israel; and Prof. Gad Kaynar, President of the General Union of Writers in Israel.


More than 200 poets participated in the Congress, including 110 well-known poets from 20 countries, including the U.S., Mexico, Argentina, India, Mongolia, France, Taiwan, Korea, China, Hungary, Peru, Colombia, Romania, Nicaragua, Japan, Spain and, of course about 100 poets from all over Israel. In the opinion of several poets who have consistently participated in the World Congress of Poets of the WAAC, the quantity and quality of the literary representation of local poets and literary associations in this Congress was unique. Poets who were able to break language barriers had a unique opportunity to interact and plan future activities with local poets.


In the opening ceremony, Dr. Yu Hsi, Patron of WAAC, conferred the "Crane Summit Supreme Honor Crown Medallion" with diploma upon the Honorable Mr. Yitzhak Navon, fifth President of the State of Israel, in recognition of his brilliant achievements of promotion of peace and harmony between Israeli and Palestinian people in the past decades.


Very significant tributes were paid by the Mayor of Kfar Saba, Mr. Yehuda Ben Hamo and the Hispanic World Union of Writers to poet Dr. Yu Hsi from Taiwan. The tribute, in recognition of achievements in the field of poetry, literature and philosophy, were received by Dr. Teh-Yuan Cheng, President of the Tainan National University of Arts, on behalf of Dr. Yu Hsi. Dr. Teh-Yuan Cheng took this opportunity to recite a poem of Dr. Yu Hsi, --Ode to the Ocean, accompanied by a sublime flute solo performance by Miss Hsu Man-Ni from Taiwan and followed by a fantastic poetry dance performed by Thea Marie Robert.


Dr. Kahan thanked all the poets who, despite the existing world economic difficulties, had arrived from all corners of the earth, bringing much love, high quality poetry and brotherhood. Special thanks went to poets Susan Roberts, Graciela Nasif, Ruben Pasino and Hedva Bacharch for their substantial help. He expressed his regrets that, due to certain demands, the event had had to be advanced to the beginning of September, instead of the original programming for November. This had led to increased costs, forcing split hotels, in an attempt to find cheap alternatives, and thus complicating the organization. But above all, such a change in schedule had prevented the important collaboration of students of university language departments who were slated to be the interpreters and guides, because they are on holiday in September.


Much thought went into the planning of the program of activities. The Congress began with an exhibition of books in a literary exchange between participating authors and a rich Cultural Art Exchange Exhibition of Calligraphy of Hebrew, Chinese and Japanese. Then we visited a synagogue in order to participate in the opening of the Ark of the Torah (known in Hebrew as Aron HaKodesh), where an explanation of the Holy Bible (Torah) was given. The Congress continued with a presentation of the Chinese calligraphy works of Dr. Yu Liansheng, Vice President of the Congress, and the Japanese calligraphy works of Toshie Tai, artist, poet and president of the WAAC Calligraphy Institute of Japan.


Dr. Lit. Victor Velezmoro Nolberto Unyén, from Peru, wrote: Thanks, first for the invitation saying “We are proud to develop this conference under the theme ‘Poetry, aroma of peace for life’ with the participation of important poets like you.” Thanks, because, upon arriving in Tel Aviv, with my wife, Dany Noemi Alfaro Kuzma Unyén, after a long journey with a stop in Madrid, he (Dr. Kahan) received us on the morning of 4th September, 2012 at Ben Gurion Airport, and his first words were to ask about my health. His greetings to the Congress were words of affection and friendship:


            “Dear authors, poets, intellectual friends of the world: Officially I give a warm welcome from my deep feelings. I anticipate days of placidity, surprises and happiness in this Congress. I want you to enjoy the freedom of each sense with the sound of your hearts. Peace and harmony! Ernesto Kahan”.


The Cultural Exchange Tours that visited various Israeli cities every day went smoothly and were enjoyable, making it possible to know and understand both ancient and contemporary cultures, as well as encouraging the participation of all foreign guests and local poets in numerous lecture sessions, where each poet absorbed the ambience of Israel in their native language. Thus, we could appreciate the poetic cadences of language in the expression of Chinese, English, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Romanian. All languages were twinned in a common desire to build world peace, promote environmental conservation and advocate for a better world, within the parameters of equality, freedom and fraternity.


Over the four days many ceremonies took place, such as the award of honorary doctorates and prizes, the inauguration of an outdoor public space for reading poetry and meditation in the park of the city of Raanana as a perennial testament to universal peace.


Culture was a luminous presence during these four days in the various cities of the Congress, with ceremonies or guided walks in Kfar Saba, Tel Aviv, the Old Port of Jaffa, Jerusalem, Nazareth and Netanya, as well as in sacred sites that we visited in an atmosphere of great mysticism and respect: the Garden of Gethsemane, the Dome of the Rock, the Holy Sepulchre, the Wailing Wall, Mount Calvary, the Basilica of the Annunciation, the Domus Galilae, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River. Poets who came to Israel from all over the world felt an indelible sense of the promise of peace and were deeply grateful to the Congress organizers.


It is noteworthy that a large number of awards were made in the presence of the highest authorities of the XXXII Congress, Dr. Maurus Young, President of the WAAC, and Dr. Ernesto Kahan, who fulfilled their roles as host impeccably, solving all requests received by the poets. This was a World Congress that few will forget.


Poems of the participants in the Anthology of the World Academy of Arts and Culture present at the Congress were evaluated by two juries of international standing, one for the poems written in Spanish (jury composed of Susana Roberts, Luis Alberto Ambroggio and Graciela Nasif), and a second international jury for the works presented in English (names are not permitted to publish). For both, the awards were given during the course of the Congress.


First Prize, Poetry in Spanish: Irene Blanco poem, "Fuga".

Second Prize, Poetry in Spanish: Teresita Moran de Valcheff, poem "Jorge Luis Borges"

Third Prize , Poetry in Spanish: Milagros Alonso, poem "Desde y para Wislawa Szymborska".


First prize, Poetry in English: Yi Dian, poem "The river in darkness" and Yu Liansheng, poem "The Heroic Pursuing"

Second Prize, Poetry in English: Ada Aharoni, poem "Peace is a Woman and a Mother"

Third Prize, Poetry in English: Naftali Primor, poem "Stars are making love"


•   Presidential Gold Medal WAAC and diploma to Mme Thea Marie Robert

• Presidential Medals of Congress WCP 32 for literary excellence and major contribution to the congress to selected poets and the Committee of Anthology, especially Susan Roberts.

Special mention should be made of the visit to the Holocaust Museum and the Museum of the children who died in concentration camps. At this visit, which is a “must” for all visitors to Israel, emotionally and sometimes tearfully we confronted the horror and agony of innocent people. It was a very strong testimony.


The XXXII Congress was a fruitful one, and so it gave birth – to an anthology, which came into the world under the title “XXXII World Academy of Arts and Culture”, written in the language of each poet who appears in its pages, with her/his photo and biography.


In addition, the “Golden Book of the World Academy of Arts and Culture”, written in four languages – English, Spanish, French and Chinese – was presented and distributed. This book is an invaluable encyclopedia, which covers the activities and personalities who passed through the WAAC during the period 1969 to 2012. This great effort put the finishing touch to the invaluable XXXII Congress convened by the World Academy of Art and Culture.


Among the highlights of the Congress are the unforgettable receptions given by the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel on behalf of its president Herzl Hakak and the Association of Writers in Spanish, under the direction of Mina Weil and Yael Vered and the IFLAC workshop chaired by Prof. Dr. Ada Aharoni.


On 7th September, 2012, an impressive Gala Dinner and regional dance event, which took place in Kfar Saba, marked the closing ceremony of the XXXII World Congress. Poets who had come from all over the world returned to their homeland with the taste of the Middle East in their hearts and feelings of gratitude to the organizers and institutions that had made this Congress possible:


Municipality of Kfar Saba-

Union of Hispano Mundial Writers -UHE-

International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace-

The Hebrew Writers Association in Israel-

General Union Writers in Israel-

Israel Association of Writers in Spanish-

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs-

Hug Iozrim Kfar Saba-

Beit Ha-Sofer-Modiin Israel

Argentine Society of Letters, Arts and Sciences (SALAC)

International Encounters of Arts and Poetry: The of the Seven Hills-

Magazine PROBUS-Mexico-

Literary Group "Almafuerte" - Argentina-

Institution Manuel Leyva A.C. and

International Society of Poets, Writers and Artists,

(SIPEA) - Mexico-


And we are sure, looking forward to participate again in the Congress next year, in Manila, when poetry and brotherhood for peace will bring together once more poets of the world, from all corners of the planet, in Peace and Harmony.



Dr. Graciela Nasif

Director of the final report



2.  New Officers of the World Academy of Arts and Culture –WAAC. Executive Board Meeting on September 6, with participation of Maurus Young, Ernesto Kahan, Istvan Turczi, Eugenia Soberanis, Bei Ta, Dorothy Young and Michelle Wang


Patron: Yu Hsi


Executive Board

President: Maurus Young

1st Vice President and Secretary-General: Ernesto Kahan

2nd Vice President: G. Mend-Ooyo

3rd Vice President: István Turczi

Treasurer: Michelle Wang

Public Relations: Dorothy Young

Member: Afaa Michael Weaver

Member: Maria Eugenia Soberanis

Member: Milan Richter (last months without contact)

Member: Bei Ta

Member: Georges Chapouthier



3.  WAAC Prizes 2012


Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Literature 2012



Luis Alberto Ambroggio

Member of the Royal Spanish Academy and PEN


Eduardo González Viaña

Professor at Western Oregon University and member of the Academy of Spanish Language


Marga Mangione

Fundadora y Coordinadora del Grupo Literario “Almafuerte”


Graciela Nasif

Vice President of the Argentine Society of Letters, Arts and Sciences (SALAC)


Rubén Pasino

President of the Argentine Society of Letters, Arts and Sciences (SALAC)


Victoria Romero – Founder and Editor of Magazine PROBUS – Mexico


Lucía Giaquinto - Founder and Director of International Encounters of Art and Poetry: "La de las Siete Colinas"


Milagros Hernandez Chiliberti– Director of WAAC Web Page


Hedva Robinson Bachrach – Acclaimed poet and translator.


Rachelly Abraham-Eitan - Editor and Producer of the Shvilim magazine


Back Bong-Soon <白 鳳順>

Poetess of Korea


You Ji-Tack <柳 志卓>

Poet of Korea


Bei Ta

Poet of China


Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humanities 2012



Yair Mashiach

Director Culture, Youth and Sport Department. City of Kfar Saba – Israel


Dr. William C. Ho

Benefactor for universal culture and literature. – Taiwan


Winners of WAAC Presidential Medals 2012

二零一一年 院長獎章得主名單


1) Ernesto Kahan

2) Théa Marie Robert



4.    Next WCP

33rd World Congress of Poetry (WCP) in Ipoh, Perak, MALAYSIA. October 2013


On behalf of Dr. Maurus Young and the WCP Executive Committee, we are glad to confirm that the next WCP will be held in Ipoh, the capital city of the state of Perak in Malaysia, October 2013.


It will be the 33rd WCP and the first time that a WCP is held in Malaysia, a member country of the Commonwealth with a multi-racial population and a rich and diverse cultural heritage.


A tentative program with costing has already been drawn up and we would like to inform participants that the inscription fees of 650 US dollars will include the following:-


a)      6-night stay with breakfast at Syuen hotel *** and both lunch and dinner will also be provided

b)      participation to poetry reading sessions in your choice of language(English, Mandarin, French and Spanish )

c)      meeting up with Malaysian poets who will read their poetry in Bahasa Malaysia, the national language of Malaysia

d)     excursion trips to visit Ipoh and touristic sites in Perak

e)      one-day return trip by train from Ipoh to KL to see the Twin Towers

f)       contribution to the WCP’s anthology


Please take note that Malaysia has a hot, humid climate and you are advised to travel light. You need only your sunglasses, cotton wear like t-shirts, bermuda shorts, loose blouses or shirts and for ladies, long cotton skirts will be suitable for the day and evenings.


Upon arrival at the air-conditioned KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), don’t forget to look at the trees that are encased in glass. They are as old as the limestone hills in Malaysia.

The airport was built on pristine jungle.


More importantly, to reach us at Syuen hotel in Ipoh, you get on to the Yoyo bus and buy a one-way ticket for Ipoh that costs about 12 US dollars. After a two and a half hour ride on the bus, you will arrive in Ipoh, close to Syuen hotel where hotel staff will lead you to the venue. To appreciate the scenery from KL to Ipoh, it is advisable to arrive in Kuala Lumpur during the day.


The Yoyo bus service is available every three hours. If you are in a hurry, you can travel by limousine from the airport to Ipoh and it will cost about 50 US dollars per person.


We welcome our poet friends to Malaysia and we sincerely hope that you will make a special effort to participate in the 33rd WCP in Ipoh.


Wan Hua

Organiser (assisted by Dr.Georges Chapouthier aka Friedenkraft)

33rd WCP

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



* In due course and because of unforeseen circumstances, there may be some slight changes in the information listed above.

With respect and brotherhood

Prof. Dr. Ernesto Kahan

WAAC 1st Vice President and Secretary-General