"The 31st World Congress of Poets in Kenosha, Wisconsin, under the presidency of Mary Ann Lackovich, hosted more than 100 poets and guests representing 21 nations including Argentina, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Ho-Chunk, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Occupied Assyria, Philippines, Poland, South Korea, Taiwan, Venezuela and the United States of America". 


Groupal photograph on the 31st World Congress of Poets in Kenosha, Wisconsin 



The Congress in Kenosha was completed with a great Wisconsin tour. 


"The Kenosha Congress gives special thanks for all the gifts given for the Kenosha International Noble Garden of Peace, Dr. Yu Liansheng for bringing the Gift from China; Dr. Ernesto Kahan for donating the Gift from Israel; and Pedro Serazzi for bringing the Gift from the miners of Chile. 


The 31st World Congress of Poets held in Wisconsin from August 28-September 4 exhibited five unique highlights: Seven Pre-Congress Events.  To prepare the City of Kenosha and the State of Wisconsin for the arrival of the Poets of the World, seven Pre-Congress events were planned and executed, featuring Professor Afaa Michael Weaver (USA), Dr. Maurus Young (Taiwan/France), Dr. William Marr (USA), Dr. Ernesto Kahan (Argentina/Israel), Ruth O’Callaghan (UK), Dr. Thea Marie Robert (France) and Kae Morii (Japan). The Natural Beauty of Wisconsin. The Kenosha Harbor and surrounding floral parks set the backdrop for poetry readings and major events. The Wisconsin State tour focused on travelling the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, discovering the culture and people of the Ho-Chunk Nation and exploring a verdant buffalo ranch in Watertown. Samantha Christian, reporter for the Watertown Daily Times, wrote, “The 31st World Congress of Poets passed through Watertown on Thursday for lunch in an idyllic setting on watercolor artist Lori Grabske’s buffalo farm. . .Guests relaxed in the shade while listening to poets . . . sing and share stories.” The Kenosha Congress ended with a great tour of Wisconsin.  The Brotherhood of Nations:  The Parade of Nations during the Opening Conference heralded the pride of the poets as each carried flags of their homelands and the unity of these participant nations as they gathered together to share their visions for peace.  Miss Wisconsin 2011 Laura Kaeppeler said it best: “I am so glad I was able to participate in this event. I experienced pure love from these poets.” Kenosha International Noble Garden of Peace: A tree was planted symbolically for peace and union between all poets and nations.  A groundbreaking and dedicatory ceremony included an invocation and blessing, poetry readings, musical performances and an Allegorical Poem dance presentation. An exchange of gifts for inclusion in the Garden of Peace was presented by the Nations of China, Israel and Chile to the City of Kenosha.  Engraved bricks of the participating nations were placed around the Tree of Love. The Honorable Keith Bosman, Mayor of the City of Kenosha, summed the 31st World Congress of Poets like this:  “An event of this stature we may never see again in Kenosha. . . I’m a fan of the poets, the people I have met here today.  I have a better appreciation of the world and the world’s appreciation of poetry.” The Kenosha Congress thanks in particular: Dr. Yu Liansheng for bringing his gifts from China; Dr. Ernesto Kahan for donating his gift from Jerusalem; and Pedro Serrazi for bringing the gift from the miners of Chile. The Cultural Art Exchange: The first ever World Congress of Poets Art Exchange between the nations of China, Japan and the United States was highlighted by an exhibition at the Pollard Gallery and Rhode Opera House; presentations of representative artwork at the Opening Conference at Carthage College; and calligraphy demonstrations at the Kenosha Southwest Public Library.  Participating artists included China’s Dr. Yu Liansheng and eight other Chinese calligraphers, Japan’s Madame Toshie Tai, and U.S.A.’s George and Nan Pollard and Loretta Grabske.




World Academy of Arts and Culture Awards 2011




Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Literature 2011




Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén


Poet of Peru




Bella Clara Ventura


Poet of Colombia




Yang Keum-seon


Poet of Korea, Professor, poet, writer and musician




Dariusz Pacak


Poet of Poland




Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humanities 2011




1) Keith Bosman


Mayor of the City of Kenosha, U.S.A.




2) Leo Grillo


Founder of D.E.L.T.A. Rescue and Horse Rescue of America




3) Ron Robinson


President, Young America's Foundation




4) Eduardo Verastegui


Actor and Pro-Life Champion




Winners of Presidential Medals 2011




1) Stacey D.K. Mia


Poet, Artist of USA




2) Kae Morri


Poet of Japan




3) Patricia Garza Soberanis


Poet of Mexico




4) Rosalba de la Cruz


Poet of Mexico




5) Sunwoo Ho


Poet and Professor of Korea