The 30th WCP was held in Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. in the Ilha Formosa (Beautiful Island) during the best period of the year, from the 1st till the 7th December. 


The President of this World Congress of Poets, was Dr. Yu Hsi, the Founder of Taipei’ s Poem Culture Corp. and Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum, and the Patron of World Academy of Arts and Culture and World Congress of Poets since 2004. 


The Congress was great, combining meetings, musical performances, exhibitions of books and calligraphy works and sightseeing's. 


Almost all the expenses of the Executive Committee members of WAAC/WCP and keynote speakers were paid by the host. Poets were very impressed by the hospitality of the organizers. 


 A luxurious 671-page World Poetry Anthology by the poets was distributed to the participants after the Congress, together with the book entitled "Poetic Encounter" in four languages: English, Chinese, Spanish and, French, written by poets Germain Droogenbroodt, Georges Friedenkraft, Ernesto Kahan, Justice Mohan, Milan Richter, Maurus Young and, Yu Hsi. The editor was Ernesto Kahan, the Assistant Editor was Wei Tsai-Yi and, the Chinese translator was Karen Kung. 


A highlight of the Congress was the participation of Abdul Kalam, famous poet and the Eleven President of India. 


A bi-lingual (Chinese and English) website was constructed ad-hoc: 


There were several poetry readings with all participants as well as by famous guest poets, a poetry competition in English, Spanish and Chinese 


There was a fascinating sightseeing and a guided visit to the National Museum the world’s most famous museum of ancient Chinese art and the forest with millenary trees. 






Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Literature 2010




1) Mr. Kok Chai Lu


Poet of Canada/China




2) Prof. Lee Jong-hwa


Poet, writer and professor of Korea




3) Yu Liang Sheng


Poet, writer, calligrapher of China




4) Hazara Singh


Poet of India




Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humanities 2010


1)    William Peter Schmitt, Jr.


Social Worker of U.S.A.


2)    Liu Guosong


Painter of Taiwan




Winners of Presidential Medals 2010




1)    Mr. Chi Wei-Kuo                                               


Poet of Taiwan




2)    Mr. Tsogdorj BAVUUDORJ


Poet of Mongolia




3)    Ms. Noriko Mitzusaki


Poet of Japan


4)    Bei Ta


Poet of China




5)    Maria Eugenia Soberanis


Poet of Mexico




6)    István Turczi


Poet of Hungary