The 29th WCP was held in Budapest, Hungary from 27th September to 1st October, 2009 at which István Turczi was President, Milan Richter was Vice President. 


The Congress was held at Danubius Hotel Flamenco.


The Budapest Congress was attended by more than 100 poets from 25 countries, among them some well-known representatives: Juhász Ferenc (Hungary), Anise Koltz (Luxemburg), Alain Lance (France), Eva Ström, Peter Curman (Sweden), Marianne Larsen és Pia Tafdrup (Denmark) Knut Odegard (Norway), John F. Deane (Britain), Mila Haugová és Jozef Leikert (Slovakia),Yu Hsi (Taiwan), Israel Bar Kohav (Israel), José Maria Alvarez (Spain). 


The opening ceremony of the congress was addressed by the Minister of Culture. The closing ceremony was attended by the Secretary General of the Hungarian PEN Centre.


The topic of the congress was: “The Future is a Place on Earth”.


The brief program of the 29th Congress was the following: 




28. September – Monday






Opening words by the Hungarian Minister of Culture


Opening address  by the Honorary President of the XXIX WCP – President of Hungarian P.E.N. Centre


Honoring Dr Yu Hsi with the P.E.N. Memorial Award


Hungarian music program


WAAC/WCP President M. Young


XXIX WCP President I. Turczi


Parnassus International Poetry Award (3 pc) conferred by I. Turczi. 


Announcement of the theme for the poetry contest (in English, Spanish and Chinese) by I. Turczi


Honorary doctorates awarded by M. Young and M. Richter


Musical presentation by Dr Yu Hsi


Afternoon: 1st poetry sessions (English, Spanish, French




Photo: Opening ceremony: István Turczi –President of the 29th Congress, István Hiller Minister of Culture, Dr. Yu Hsi, Maurus Young and János Benyhe General Secretar of PEN Hungary.


Photo: Poetry reading by invited international and Hungarian established poets at the Hungarian Literary Museum followed by dinner for all the members of WCP




29. September – Tuesday




Visit to Hungarian Writers’ Association (here a short poetry reading by the members of WCP Board)


Lunch in Zugló hosted by the Mayor of the district – Stefánia Palota




2st poetry sessions (English, Spanish, French) 


In Műcsarnok (Hall of Arts) – Poetry reading by the members of the  European Academy of Poetry


John F. Deane, Anise Koltz, Knut Odegard, Vlada Urosevic, Milan Richter & István Turczi




30. September – Wednesday 


Morning: Visit to the House of Parliament, short reception by the President of the House of Parliament.





Photo: Reception at the Hungarian Parliament given by Katalin Szili (Chairwoman) (István Turczi, Dr Yu Hsi, Prof. Ernesto Kahan) 


Afternoon: Readings of invited poets in various  places: Cervantes Institute, French Institute, Holocaust Memorial Center, Mongolian Embassy, Scandinavian Faculty at the University




During the  congress an anthology was published with photos, bios and poems of the part-taking poets. 


Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Literature (Litt. Dr) 2009




Jozef Leikert


Poet of Slovakia




Choi Laisheung


Poet of Hong Kong




Prof. Kim Jeong Ok


Writer, Professor, Poet of Korea




Susana Roberts


Poet of Argentina




M. Ines Grivarelo Ottado


Poet of Argentina




Marie Robert


Poet of France