The XXVIII World Congress of Poets under the presidency of Dr. Maria Eugenia Soberanis Nogueda, took place in 2008 in the city and port of Acapulco in Mexico. This was a pleased and festive event with many poetry reading sessions, book presentations and conferences


The readings were organized in a way that each poet knew at his arrival, date, time and the room where his reading or presentation of books were planed. These schedules were inserted into the respective personal packages together with the Anthology and a portfolio welcome gift. 


Lectures were given by leading poets such as Celia Vazquez (Spain), Milan Richter (Slovakia), Germain Droogenbroodt (Netherlands, Spain), Isaiah Alanis (Mexico), Iván Portela (Cuba-Mexico) and Ernesto Kahan (Israel-Argentina), in both languages: English and Spanish. 


The Congress had 230 attendants from 28 countries. At the Opening Ceremony every country representative lit a candle which was lit during the entire Congress as a symbol of the light of inspiration and good will of poets which all of us were seeking under the goal of the World Academy of Art and Culture, Inc.:"Brotherhood through poetry". Doctoral degrees were granted by WAAC / WCP and prizes to the winners of the contests of poetry in English and Spanish with 3 places in each category, were given. Those awards were rose flowers and silver buttons. 


Before the Opening Ceremony an exhibition of visual arts (photography and painting) from various international artists organized by the Cove / Rincon Int. was presented. We enjoyed the Mexican Mariachi music and a magnificent full moon which illuminated the famous shore of Acapulco, encouraged the audience poets of the world, to dance and share happiness among themselves, beyond language, race or culture differences. 


The last day of the Congress, at the Closure Ceremony, a beautiful concert was performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Acapulco and a gala dinner put a golden conclusion to this international event. 


Parallel to the Congress, lectures and recitals of invited poets were given in different parts of the city.


The post congress tour went to the city of Taxco silversmith (Heritage), then to Mexico City to visit the magnificent Museum of Anthropology and History, the amazing pyramids of Teotihuacan, the National Palace with murals by Diego Rivera, the Cathedral (jewel of colonial architecture) and of course, the Basilica of "Our Lady of Guadalupe". 


At the end, poet visitors left for their places of origin and in both sides, a great nostalgia remained.


It must remark that all that, could not have been possible without the invaluable assistance of Patricia Garza Soberanis, Marily Reyes and Ernesto Kahan, Vice-Presidents of the Congress, to whom the president Dr. Maria Eugenia Soberanis Nogueda, reiterate her thanks.








Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Literature (Litt.D) 2008




Marily Reyes


Poetess , Editor and Publisher of Poetry Magazine of U.S.A.




Rosa Martha Munuzuri


Poetess, Writer of Mexico




Fernando Rios Granados


Poet, Writer of Mexico.




Ramon Sierra


Poet of Mexico.




Maria Eugenia Soberanis Nogueda


Poetess and Lawyer of Mexico, President of XXVIII WCP




Rea Zogari-Kapordeli


Poet of Greece..




Yang Siping


Poet, Editor and Professor of China.




Sun Jian-wu (Xue Fei)


Poet and Medical Doctor of Taiwan




István Turczi


Poet, Publisher and Vice-Chaiman of Hungarian PEN Club.




Nameliast of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humanities (L.H.D.) 2008




Mingboupha Sengchanh


Secretary General of Taiwanese Nationalist Party in France, Nationality of Laos




Presidential medal winners 2008




Maria Ines Grivarello and Teresa Palazzo