The XXVIII World Congress of Poets under the presidency of Dr. Justice S. Mohan, took place in the city Chennai, India, from August 31 to September 6, 2007. 


It was a successful event held within the framework of the Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Independence of India and it was developed under the lofty motto of World Brotherhood and Peace through Poetry. More than 250 poets from 26 countries have been working at the convention for a whole week according to a rich and interesting program. 


A great Music Concert was given by Dr. Yu Hsi, at 6:30 pm, on August 31, 2007, with the participation of Mr. Kazuo Minagawa, Consul General of Japan to India. In the Concert, five top Taiwanese musicians from Taiwan and New York played pi pa, piano and drums. 


The Opening Ceremony was at Chettinadu Kalaiarangam on Sept. 1st, presided by poet Dr. Justice S. Mohan. The Former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam inaugurated the Congress; Shri Ajit Prakash Shah, Chief Justice of the High Court of Madras delivered the keynote address; Dr. Krishna Srinivas, Co-founder of the World Congress of Poets and famous world poet from Taiwan; Dr. Yu His, Patron of WAAC/WCP; and Dr. Maurus Young, Secretary General of WAAC/WCP delivered the opening speeches. 


Poetry sessions in English, Tamil, Spanish, Chinese and Korean were developed at the Savera Hotel on September 2. The English Poetry Session was presided by Dr. Milan Richter; the Tamil Poetry Session by Dr. Mu. Metha; the Chinese Session by Dr. Maurus Young; the Spanish Session by Dr. Ernesto Kahan, and the Korean Poetry Session by Dr. Han Yi Baek. 


Dr. M.A.M. Ramaswamy, M.P. Pro Chancellor of the Annamalai University delivered a presidential address at the Poetry Sessions and was congratulated by Prof. S. Ramachandran, Vice Chancellor of University of Madras. 


A Musical performance was given by Padmashri Kadri Gopalnath & Party and a gala dinner party was given by Dr. Yu Hsi at the Taj Coramandel Hotel in the evening. 


The Closing Ceremony was held at Chettinadu Kalarangam on September 3. Shri Surjeet Sinhgh Barnala, Governor of Tamil Nadu, delivered the Valedictory Address. Kumara Rani Dr. Meena Muthiah, Chairperson of the Chettinad Group of Institutions; Dr. R. Kishore Kumar, Dean of St. John’s Group of Schools ; Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu, Poet of India; also delivered their speeches as guests of honors. 


Dr. Yu Hsi, took the opportunity to announce the publishing of 3 new poetry books dedicated to the Former President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, including 2 poetry books written by Dr. Kalam in English, translated into Chinese by Dr. Maurus Young, a well-known poet of Taiwan/France, and published by Taipei’s Poem Culture Copamny : «The Life Tree», «The Luminous Sparks» ;  and «The Blue Bird’s Moonlight Sonata», written by Dr. Yu Hsi, translated into English and fabricated into a 24k gold disc. 


According to the decision of the U.S. World Academy of Arts and Culture, poets who contributed a great deal to world poetry were given titles and awards. The award «Poet Laureate» to China’s famous poet and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Li Zhaoxing; and  16 poets including Dr. Shi Ying (Singapore), Ms. Lyn Coffin (U.S.A.), Ms. Joy Rainey King (U.S.A.), Ms. Zacharoula Gaitanaki (Greece), Dr. Dimitris P. Kraniotis (Greece), Ms. Efichia Kapardeli (Greece),  Mr. Tsai Chi-lan (Taiwan), Mr. Fong Ming (Taiwan), Prof. Kim Seok-Keum (Korea), Mr. Do Chang-Hoi (Korea), Mr. Park Seong-Cheol (Korea), Mr. Lee Ju-Cheol (Korea), Mr. R. Chandrasekaran (India),  Mr. K.B. Rai, (India), Ms. Aroon Reeih Singhani (India), Mr. Anantha Padmanathan (India) were given the Honorary Doctorate of Literature Degrees; A number of foreign poets including Dr. Dimitris P. Kraniotis from Greece, Ms. Janet Yeung from Hong Kong, Ms. Lucia De Garcia and Ms. Mary Ann Lackovich from U.S.A., were awarded President’s Gold Medal. 


Secretary General of the World Academy of Arts and Culture and the World Congress of Poets Dr. Maurus Young pointed out that the WCP-XXVI held in Chennai was a great success. On behalf of WAAC/WCP, he highly appreciated his Indian counterpart Mr. V.K. Narendra, Secretary General of the XXVII WCP; Ms. Shanti Mohan, Co-ordinator of the XXVII WCP. At the Closing Ceremony, Dr. Young also announced that the next WCP will be held in Acapulco, Mexico on October 12 – 19, 2008, organized by Dr. Eugenia Soberanis. 


Dr. Soberanis delivered welcome address inviting poets around the world to attend the XXVIII World Congress of Poets in her country in Mexico 2008. She stressed that all participants in the XXVIII WCP will be accommodated in a 5-star hotel in Acapulco with moderate price. She will also negotiate with Mexican Airlines and China Airlines to offer special rate for all participants. Mr. István Turczi, Poet and Vice President of the Hungarian PEN Club, also delivered a welcome speech to invite poets all over the world to attend the XXIX World Congress of Poets in his country Hungary in the first week of August in 2009.                  


The result of the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Poetry Competition was: The first place was for the poem «The Hindu, the Atheist and Gandhi» by Lyn Coffin from U.S.A., the second place was the poem «Tu voz» by Laura Hernandez from Mexico. 


In the Closing Ceremony, Dr. Yu Hsi presented a Golden Gavel to Dr. Mohan as souvenir for his presidency during his outstanding tenure of service of the XXVII WCP. 


A 4-day Post-Congress Tour was organized for all Congress participants to Mahabalipuram- a costal marvel of Tamil Nadu and a prominent port with historic importance during 7th to 9th century. The Congress participants  also visited Pondcherry, a French Colony during 18th century and the historic Big Temple at Thanjavur built 1200 years ago which was declared as a great heritage by UNESCO with marvels of  architecture. A visit to the Golden Temple at Chidambaram where the Lord of the cosmic dance prides has thrilled most of visitors.                                                                           


The Executive Board Meeting held on September 6, 2007 in Chennai presided over by Dr. Justice Mohan, attended by Dr. Maurus Young, Dr. Milan Richter, Dr. Ernesto Kahan, Dr. Eugenia Soberanis, Ms. Dorothy Young. In the Meeting, they have discussed and unanimously adopted a By Law proposed and drafted by Dr. Mohan. The By Law pointed out that the President Emeriti shall have no power concerning the affairs of the Congress. Such a President shall be treated with due dignity and honor.  The Executive Board has been re-organized :  President : Dr. Justice S. Mohan ; Secretary General : Dr. Maurus Young ; 3 Vice Presidents : Dr. Milan Richter, Dr. Ernesto Kahan, Dr. Eugenia Soberanis ; 4 Members of the Executive Board : Dr. Germain Droogenbroodt, Mr. G. Mend-Ooyo, Dr. Lyn Coffin, Mr. István Turczs ; Treasurer :                                                                             


Michelle Wang ; Public Relations : Dorothy Young . Advisory Committee : Dr. Yan Yi, Dr. Baek Han-Yi, Mr. Joseph Azar, Dr. Wangyu Jiga.


Report made by Dr. Maurus Young


Secretary General


World Academy of Arts and Culture


World Congress of Poets








Name list of Poet Laureate 2007




Dr. Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi


Poet of India, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, India.




Dr. Li Zhaoxin


Poet of China, Retired Minister of Foreign Affairs, China.




Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Literature (Litt.D) 2007




Prof. Kim Seok-Keun


Poet of Korea, Professor of Orient Medicine College in Seoul, Korea.




Mr. R. Chandrasekaran


Poet of India, Avocat of High Court in Chennai, India.




Miss Eftichia Kapardeli


Poetess, Writer, Journalist of Greece.




Dr. Shi Ying


Poet of Singapore, Medical Doctor.




Ms. Lyn Coffin


Poetess of U.S.A., Professor of English in University.




Ms. Joy Rainey King


Poetess of U.S.A.




Ms. Zacharoula Gaitanaki


Poetess and Translator of Greece




Dr. Dimitris P. Kraniotis


Poet and Medical Doctor of Greece.




Mr. Tsai Chi-Lan


Poet of Taiwan




Mr. Fong Ming


Poet of Taiwan




Mr. Do Chang-Hoi


Poet of Korea




Mr. Park Seong-Cheol


Poet of Korea




Mr. Lee Ju-Cheol


Poet of Korea




Mr. K.B. Rai


Poet of India




Mr. Aroon Reeih Singhani


Poet of India




Mr. Anantha Padmanathan


Poet of India