The 26th World Congress of Poets was successfully held as part of the Commemoration of the 800th Anniversary of the Great Mongolian State under the auspices of the President of Mongolia, on September 03-09, 2006 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 


Under the motto "Poetry - Purifying Human Soul," 315 poets from about 50 countries worked at their convention for a whole week, following a rich and interesting program.


1. An exhibition, "The Mongolian script culture and Poetry," was opened on September 03, 2006. Famous Mongolian calligraphers presented their works, devoted to poems by famous Mongolian poets. Twenty-five photographs showing the natural history of Mongolia and its daily life were also displayed. The exhibition ran for two weeks.


2. The opening session of the WCP-XXVI, which was opened by the President of the WCP-XXVI and by the poet Dr. Gombojav MEND-OOYO, was held in the State Convention Hall. The President of Mongolia, N. Enkhbayar, attended the opening session with a speech of welcome. The President of WAAC, Justice C. Mohan, the Secretary General of WAAC, Maurus Young, the Chairman of the International Committee of the World Congress of Poets Dr. Yu Hsi, the Vice Minister for Education, Culture and Science of Mongolia S. Tumur-Ochir and the composer N. Jantsannorov, twice awarded Mongolia’s State Prize and delivered their speeches to the Congress. A message from the UNESCO Director-General Koichiro Matsura to the Congress was well-received. Also, messages from Mrs. Rosemary C. Wilkinson, former President of WAAC/WCP, from Shri Chinmoi, Meditator for Peace at the United Nations, poet and composer, from the Japanese poet Daisaku Ikeda, President of Soka Gakkai International and from D. Dagvadorj, a champion in the Japanese Sumo tradition, were also welcomed.



At the opening session, the President of Mongolia N. Enkhbayar was given the title Litt.D of the World Academy for Arts and Culture, and the Preident's gold medal. The Horse Fiddle Ensemble of Mongolia and the famous Taiwanese musician Wan Shih Run gave a musical performance to welcome the WCP. Later that evening President of Mongolia N. Enkhbayar and WCP-XXVI President Dr. G. Mend-Ooyo held a welcoming reception to the Congress participants.



3. The WCP-XXVI sessions continued at the Opera House on September 04-05, 2006. Around 40 poets offered speeches to the Congress, under the motto "Poetry - Purifying Human Minds". 


4. The "Chinggis Khaan World Poetry Festival" was held on September 05, 2006 at the Opera House. The Festival had been announced one year earlier with the theme "The World Man - Chinggis Khaan" and some 80 poems from across the globe took part over three rounds. The 16 selected poems were recited, and the poem "Chinggis Khaan- A Dragon at the city of blue sky, Tengri the eternal sky " by the Taiwanese poet Yu Hsi was given the first prize. Special prizes were given to the poets Thelma Homer from the USA and R. Tsetsentsogt from Inner Mongolia. 


5. A trip was organized for all Congress participants to the Khugnu Khaan Mountain, to Sand Dunes, and to the Orkhon Valley and Khara Khorum in Bulgan and Uvurkhangai provinces, so as to continue the Congress’ work, the recital of poems and the introduction to the Congress participants Mongolian historical and cultural sites and the life of nomads.

At the Sand Dunes a festival of Mongolian customs was held, while at the Khoyor Zagal Camp there were shamanist rituals and a lecture on shamanist poetry. The Congress participants visited the Ancient Capital of Mongolia, Khara Khorum, and the Erdene Zuu Monastery.


6. The closing session of the WCP-XXVI was held at the Opera House. Secretary General of the World Academy for Arts and Culture and the World Congress of Poets, Maurus Young, stressed that the WCP-XXVI held in Mongolia had been a great success, and announced that the next WCP will be held in India. According to the decisions taken by the World Academy for Arts and Culture, certain poets who had contributed a great deal to world poetry were given titles and awards. The award "Poet Laureate" to Manuel Levya (Mexico). Sixteen poets - including D. Uriankhai (Mongolia), G. Akim (Mongolia), Juraj Kuniak (Slovak), Elma D.Photekarm (USA), Yuriya Kumagai (Jaan), Ninobe Ken (Japan), Christophe Philippe Charles (Haiti), Georges Botis (Greek), Taki Yuriko (Japan) - were gaven the Litt.D. degree of the World Academy for Arts and Culture. The WAAC President's gold medal for excellence in poetry was given to Milan Richter (Slovakia), Sh. Surenejav (Mongolia), B. Lhagvasuren (Mongolia), and J. Dashdondog (Mongolia). A number of foreign poets were awarded with Mongolian literary prizes. The Taiwanese poet Yu Hsi was given the honorary medal of the 800th Year Anniversary of the Great Mongolian State by Presidential decree. Some distinguished poets were granted Honorary Doctors from Mongolia’s leading Universities. On the same day, a Danzanravjaa "Golden Digvaranz" Poetry Festival was held.


7. Within the framework of the WCP-XXVI a number of books were published, both in Mongolian and in foreign languages, including a multilingual Anthology. A special issue of the Poetry and Culture magazine of the Mongolian Academy for Arts and Culture, "Gunu," was published and distributed to all Congress participants.








Name list of Poet Laureate 2006 


Manuel S. Leyva Martinez 


Poet of Mexico. President of XIX WCP 1999, Mexico. 


Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Literature (Litt.D) 2006 


1) Jose Carlos Gaspar 

Poet and Doctorate of Theology of Brazil. 


2) Zanneta Kalyva – Papaioannou 

Poetess, Journalist of Greece. 


3) NA Teng Choon 


Poet, Journalist and Photographer of the Philippines. 


4) Kim Hwa-in 

Poet.Writer and Publisher of South Korea. 


5) Elma Diel Photikarm 

Poetess , Writer and Founder of Poems of the World Magazine in USA. 


6) Dharam Vir Sahani 


Poet and Writer of India. 



7) Nambar Enkhbayar 


Writer, Literary Translator and President of Mongolia. 



8) Damdinsuren Uriankhai 


Poet and Philosopher of Mongolia. 



9) Gotov Akim 


Writer and Literary Translator of Mongolia. 



10) Ken Niinobe 


Poet of Japan. 



11) Yuriya J. Kumagai 


Poetess of Japan, Professor of Sapporo University of Japan, 



12) Juraj Kuniak 


Poet of Slovakia, 



13) Christophe Philippe Charles 


Poet of Haiti. 



14) Hsu, Chi-Cheng 


Poet of Taiwan. 



15) George J. Botis 


Poet and Lawyer of Greece. 



16) Taki Yuriko 


Poetess of Japan. 


Namelist of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humanities (L.H.D.) 2006 



1)Wang Yu. Ji Ga 


Born in Tibet. Founder of Tibetan Trade Center in Shenzhen, China. 


2)Shelley Guan 


Painter and Photographer of China. Specialist of Chinese Folk Arts