The 25 World Congress of Poets was held in Ayres Hotel, Los Angeles, U.S.A., on Aug. 7, 2005, with about 200 poets than more than twenty-five countries.  The congress was presided by Dr. Lucy Cabieles, a Colombian resident in the United States of America; vice-presidents were Dr. Ernesto Kahan, Argentine resident of Israel; Dr.  Dorin Popa, Rumanian; Yvan Nguyen, Vietnamese and Rev. Imre P. Szoldos, Hungarian resident in Taiwan.  These poets presented with great success the new book of poetry "Five poets - Three continents


Rosemary Wilkinson awarded a Golden Plaque to express its deep gratitude for her distinguished services in the past 3 decades and was named President Eméritus by his work poetics and his life dedicated to the fraternity of the poets in WAAC.


Writers of India, Korea, Japan, Asirya, Taiwan, Rumania, Mongolia, United States of America, Israel, Hungary, Austria, France, Vietnam, emphasized their lyrical color, the globally prize-winning poet, photographer and musician Yu Hsi presented an emotional poetic DVD that captivated the audience. Maurus Young presented poetry in French that delighted the audience; Milan Richter touched emotionality the public, and the mongolés Dr.  Mend Ooyo won the first prize of poetry in English.  Latin-american poetry was extensively represented by a delegation of more than 15 Mexican poets, the majority of the International Society of Poets, Writers and Artists – SIPEA headed by Poet Manuel Leyva Martínez as well as recognized poets from Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, Ecuador, Peru and Honduras.


At the Opening Ceremony on Aug. 7, the U.S. World Academy of Arts & Culture, conferred upon Dr. Yu Hsi the honorary title of Poet Laureate for his poetic excellence.


At the closing Ceremony on Aug. 10, the U.S. World Academy of Arts & Culture conferred upon Li Dingjun (China), Karen Kung (Taiwan, R.O.C.), Eleanor Morris Wu (Taiwan, R.O.C.), Luis Nelson Goyes Ortega (Columbia), Dora Castellanos (Columbia), Agustina Ospina (Columbia), Potis Katrakis (Greece), Ram Metha (India), Yoshiya Ohnuki (Japan), Hwang Seony-EE (Korea), Seo Jeong-Nam (Korea), and Lim Kwon-Shin (Korea) Honorary Doctorate of Literature Degrees; also presented an Golden Gavel to Dr. Lucy Cabieles.


World Academy of Arts and Culture Awards 2005 


Name list of Poet Laureate 2005


Yu Hsi 

Poet of Taiwan 


Name list of Honorary Degree of Doctor of Literature (Litt.D) 2005 


Hwang Seony-Ee 

Poetess of Korea, 


Seo Jeong-Nam 

Poet of Korea


Lim Kwon-Shin 

Poet of Korea, 


Potis Katrakis 

Poet of Greece


Li Dingjun (Hai An) 

Poet of China


Yoshiya Ohnuki 

Poet of Japan


Dora Castellanos 

Poetess of Colombia 


Luis Goyes Ortega 

Poetess of Colombia 


Agustina Ospina 

Poetess of Colombia