The 24 World Congress of Poets was held in Tower Hotel, Seoul, Korea, from Aug. 29 to Sept. 5, 2004, with about 300 poet participants. The congress was developed under the presidency of Dr. Baek Han Yi.


The Conference was honored by the presence of guests and noted poets including Dr. Justice S. Mohan – President of WAAC/WCP; Dr. Yu Hsi - Patron of WAAC/WCP; Dr. Maurus Young – Secretary General of WAAC/WCP; Dr. Lucy Cabieles (USA); Wang Chi-lung (Taiwan); Karen Kung (Taiwan); Lin Tsun-Yuan (Taiwan); Tsai Chi-lan (Taiwan); Lucy Zeng Queng (Taiwan); Eleanor B. Morris (USA); James T. C. Na (The Philippines); Germain Droogenbroodt (Belgium); Dorin Popa (Romania); Imre Prince Zsoldos (Hungary); Dariusz  Pacak (Poland); Ihara Goro (Japan); Kae Morii (Japan); Ritsuko Kawabata (Japan); Takashi Arima (Japan); Aya Yuhki (Japan); T. Ashok Chakravarthy (India); J. Bapu Reddy (India); Marianne Larsen (Denmark); Mend-Ooyo Gombojav (Mongolia); and the following distinguished Korean Poets: Min Yong-tae; Sim Jae-eon; Inn So-ri; Yoon Byoung-ro; Jang Youn-woo; Yu Ja-Hyo; Rho Ik-sung; Sun Woo-ho; Hahm Yeon-jin; Kim Nyun-kyun; Heo Yoon-jung; Kang Seok-ho; Seo Jung-nam; Lee Hyo-nyung and other members.


The Congress was under the WAAC/WCP traditional premise 'World Brotherhood and Peace Through Poetry" and the participants recitative their poems and offered anthologies. 


Dr. Baek took all participants to a tour to the Han River, the Hangjoo Mountain Castle, Central Historical Museum, Kyunbok Palace and, to watch the colorful performances of Korean traditional dance and music. During the three days Post Congress tour, Dr. Baek also led his guest to visit the Seongryu Cave, the Euiryung Chungik Shrine, the Haeinsa Temple and, the Korean Folk Village in Eastern and Southern coasts.


Source: M. Young. Newsletter 2004, Celebration World Poetry Day Every year: October 15; The Moon Light of Corea; 2004; 11,13 p 42