The 23rd WCP was held in Taipei, Taiwan, September 2003 at which Chi-lung Wang was President and Dr. Maurus Young was Secretary General. It was the third time that Taipei played host for the Congress of world poets since 1973.


The Taipei Congress was attended by about 350 poets, almost half of them were local poets, including Dr. Tin-wen Chung, one of the founders of the World Congress of Poets, and half came from some 26 countries all over of the world, including Dr. Justice Mohan, former President of WAAC/WCP from India; Dr. Milan Richter, former 1st Vice President of WAAC/WCP from Slovakia; Dr. G. Mendo-Ooyo, poet laureate from Mongolia; and Dr. Lucy Cabieles, poet laureate from U.S.A., etc… 


The Congress was sponsored by Dr. Yu Hsi, Founder of Taipei’ s Poem Culture Corp. and Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum, who became the Patron of World Academy of Arts and Culture and World Congress of Poets since 2004. 


The Congress proceeded vividly and colorfully in a manner of combination of meetings and sightseeing's.


One thing that needs to be mentioned is that almost all the expenses of the Executive Committee members of WAAC/WCP and keynote speakers were paid by the host. Poets were obliged to the hospitality by the organizers. 


A 120-page World Poetry Anthology by the poets was distributed to the participants after the Congress. 


Responding to the application from Korean delegation, a resolution was made that the 24th WCP would be held in Seoul, Korean in 2004. 


The Taipei Congress ended in awarding ceremony and cheers in the deluxe 4-star Asian World Hotel.


The following is a commentary from Rosemary C. Wilkinson. Pres. 1994-2003, WCP/WAAC 1973-2003, about the 23th WCP:


"Once again, a Taipei WCP welcomes world poets, following their WCP II, 1973 with our Co-Founder and President Tin-wen Chung presiding back then, still attending now with Wang Chi-lung organizing, presiding at WCP XV, 1994 and WCP XXIII, 2003, proving how steeply-deep, is poetry in the Oriental tradition, heritage, and culture leading world nations to emulate same, hosting world poets to a WCP.  When Dr. Amado Yuzon convened WCP I,  in Manila, 1969, the seed was planted to further these symposiums by establishing the World Academy of Arts & Culture by Co-founder Tin-wen Chung (Taipei), Krishna Srinivas (India), Lou Lu-Tour (USA), and now viable for 34 years.  The Academy, was founded in 1973, and approved by the Executive Board in 1982,   Spain WCP.  It was registered  in 1985 by Secretary of State of California, the Federal Franchise Tax Board- USA as a non-profit 501©(3) literary organization (with no connection to any other organization) to receive tax-deductable donations, and yearly dues to sustain the operations totally run by all published poet volunteers.  The objectives of the WCP are four publications in the WCP brochure, never changing the theme: World Brotherhood and Peace Through Poetry, under the auspices of the World Academy of Arts & Culture.  The Executive Board consists of 13 members with 8 Vice presidents, Presidents, Secretary General, Treasurer, Chaplain, Advisor and with simple majority-present needed by the 13 to delete, add, change the Charter for the Secretary of State of California/Fed. Franchise Tax Board (we are a mini U.N.)  Now we have four Membership Directors with a Translator for our Advisor: An International Committee working on WCP’s up to 2015, with substitutions.  There are three Presidents Emeriti:  Amado Yuzon 1969- 1979; Tin-wen Chung 1979-1994. Rosemary C. Wilkinson 1994-2003. The official languages are:  Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Greek, Hebrew and Spanish.  The idea of the Founders was to convene east to west, west to east so that once in their lifetime poets could attend a WCP when near them.  While during three times in Taipei extraordinary hospitality was simply so splendid; seeing Museum changing artifacts each week- never running out of art to display-truly astounded us.  We enjoyed side trips to Toroko Gorge, Sun-Moon Lake, 5ooo year-old trees, and more to admire, and the feeling of never wanting to leave this enchanted oriental land.  


Academy presents “Honoris Causa” awards (Honorary Literature) yearly honoring major and minor poets to give honor and encourage poets to bring forth their work; share, translate, filter it down in to educational systems worldwide, or announced in famous literary magazines, media, like two famous elderly poets: He Jingzhi (former Min. Culture- Beijing, China) and Zang Kejia, Tuvia Ruebner from Israel. THE POETRY ANTHOLOGY FOR WORLD PEACE compiled by Yan Yi, our Vice President, and myself printed in 2000 by Yan in Beijing (hard copy and never-before-used-white-silk-technology) not to be sold, was presented to the U.N. Library (1st they ever received they said) containing Heads of State ( poems and statements) from over 100 countries in color,  pictured with their work translated into 5 other languages besides their own, as a gift,  given to UC-Berkeley, CA Library, UCLA, USF, Stanford Libraries; it was a one-time printing only.


Having served my three year term, I now write a 40 yr literary career autobiography knowing our President Justice Mohan will carry on ad infinitum; feeling confident that poets will come forth, carry on: Rise Up Poets, Restore the Earth.


Congratulations Wang Chi-lung (since 1969) for all your hospitality over the years to welcome us.


With respect,


Rosemary C. Wilkinson


Pres. 1994-2003, WCP/WAAC 1973-2003"