"The 22st World Congress of Poets was a remarkable achievement, held in Iasi, Romania, under the presidency of poet Dorin Popa between October 28th and November 1st, 2002, hosted more than 50 poets, from four continents- Asia, North America, South America and Europe at the Iasi's Traian Hotel. The vice-presidents of the Congress were, Liviu Antonesei, Lucian Vasiliu and Codrin Liviu Cutitaru. 


Poets came in all  ages, beginning with a 15 years old local girl (Isabela Stoicescu) and stretching all the way to the ripe old age of 83 (Goro Ihara and Ritsuto Kawabata).  And despite their different nationalities and alien mother tongues, all these poets soon discovered for themselves that the best way to understand each other was to speak in the universal language of poetry. 


The Congress was officially opened with a ceremony that took place in the Unirea Hotel's Conference Room. There were inspiring presentations by Dorin Popa, Rose Mary Wilkinson (USA), president of WAAC, Justice Mohan (India), vice-president of WAAC, and Professor Jascha Kessler (USA). It was during this service that poet Dorin Popa was awarded an "Honorary Doctor of Literature."  During the Congress, poets got together at the Traian, for reading sessions. They spoke in the official languages of WAAC, meaning English, Chinese, Spanish and Hebrew. 


The great aim of this event was that, through poetry, the world should live as one, in peace and love.  In the words of Rose Mary Wilkinson, the retiring president; "With small steps, with this small event, the Congress has a big role for us all. All that happens here was meant to be, because people really need this!"  Her message was clear:  the final goal of literature is to maintain and advance spiritual civilization. 


A key moment came at the closing ceremony, when the president of the XXII of the World Congress of Poets, Dorin Popa was showered with honors, awards and diplomas from the members of the World Academy of Arts and Culture and from some other participants. One guest of honor was the Poet - Professor Ernesto Kahan, Vice President of Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, an organization which was laureate with the Nobel Prize for Peace, in 1985. This poet, native of Argentina, represented Israel and IFLAC (The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace) at the Congress.  And, along with Joseph Azar (USA) and Maria Eugenia Soberanis Nogueda (Mexico), Kahan communicated to the audience the resolutions which he hopes to see realized by the next Congress. Above everything, all poets hope to contribute to world union and peace.  They are eager to expand their communications into the Spanish and Portuguese languages, as well as in the English.