Through the efforts of Dr. S. Mohan and Dr. Krishna Srinivas, Founder/President of World Poetry Society Intercontinental, Founder of WCP and Vice President of WAAC and by the sponsorship of Dr. M.G. Ramachandran and Dr. A Padmanaban, Chief Ministerand Chief Minister and Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu, the 9th WCP was held in Madras, India, from December 28-31, 1986 at which Dr. S. Mohan was President. 


Madras is the Capital of Tamil Nadu.  Tamil Nadu is deemed as the window of the modern South and the museum of time-honored ancient legacies.  Regardless of the far distance from New Delhi, His Excellency R. Venkatataman, the Vice President then and now the President of India, flew to Madras, graciously inaugurated the Congress and thrilled the audience with his beautiful keynote speech “Fight Injustice”. 


The Madras Congress was attended by more than 150 prominent poets from six Continents.  Among them, about one half were local poets and one half from abroad.  With high spirit they discussed the following two topics: (1) Greatness of Poetry in English and (2) March of Poetry to the 21st Century.  Discussions and conclusions were fruitful. 


The inauguration ceremony was held in Kalaivanar Arangaam, the city Hall of Madras.  The general sessions were conducted in Rajali Hall, a beautiful venue for conference. After the end of the Congress, a three-day post congress tour followed.  With high interest and great pleasure, poets visited cultural centers in the South India. 


Not long after the Congress, a 140-page “Report & Anthology of 9th World Congress of Poets, Madras, 1986” was published.