Under the high patronage of H.M. King Hassan II of Morocco, the 7th WCP was held in Marrakech, a timed-honored cultural city of the Kingdom, from October 14-20, 1984,  It was the first time that an international convention on poetry/literature was convened in Africa.  It was indeed a great occasion in history 


The President of the Congress was Dr. Leopold Sedar Senghor, who is a leading poet in Africa and was the President of the Republic of Senegal.  His presiding over the Congress honored the occasion greatly with extra luster. 


The topics of the Congress were: (1) Aesthetics in the 20th century: the Analogical Image, Melody and Rhythm, (2) Dialogue between Culture and Artistic Creation as a Factor of Development, and (3) Mediterranean Poetry. Discussions on the topics were lively and the conclusions were fruitful. 


Poets were treated by traditional Arabic hospitality and courtesy, like the royal guests of a king.  Visits to the historic monuments, excursions to the scenic spots , tea parties in the tents, state feasts in the palace, etc., pleased the poets greatly, and in return, the poets entertained the people of the country with recitation of their poems at the Fna Djemaa Square in a starry night.  The wonderful evening was called the “African Evening of Poetry”. 


One of the highlights of the Congress was paying respect to the President Leopold Sedar Senghor by the poets from the five continents. One of the masterpieces of the President “Black Woman” was chanted by poets with various languages.           


 It shows that the WCP is a big family of poets in which the ideal of “no specific color nor race but all colors and races” has been realized as it was proposed in the WCP Objectives.