Under the high patronage of H.M. King Juan Carlos I, the 6th WCP was held in Madrid, Spain, July 19-24, 1982 at which Dr. Justo Jorge Padron was the President and His Majesty himself was the Honorary President of the Congress.  It was the first time the WCP convened in Europe.  The 1st, 2nd and 4th Congresses were held in Asia and the 3rd and 5th Congresses in North America. 


The Madrid Congress was attended by about 200 well-known poets from 37 countries including one-third local poets.  The topics of the Congress were as follows: (1) Poetry as an Universal Language, (2) The Hispanic Contribution to World Poetry, (3) The Poet and Poetic Creation, (4) Poetry from Five Continents: America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceanic, and (5) The Function of Poetry in the Technological Age.  The Congress was held at the Hotel Los Galgos, but mostly the sessions took place at Ateneo De Madrid, a beautiful convention house. 


An amendment to the WCP Charter was made by the International Committee and accented by the Congress.  We call it the New Charter or the Madrid Charter to be distinguished from the original Charter or Taipei Charter. 


The Madrid Congress not only paved the way for WCP movement towards Europe but also Africa.  The 7th WCP 1984 held in Morocco was at hand.  It seemed that WCP was moving ahead step by step from Asia to America, from America to Europe, and then from Europe to Africa, crossing from one continent to another in its courageous advancement for the promotion of worldwide brotherhood and peace.