The 4th WCP was held in Seoul, Korea, July 2-6, 1979 at which Dr. Cho, Byung-Hwa was President.  The Seoul Congress was sponsored by the International Cultural Society of Korea to which Dr. Kim, Myong-Whai was President and also one of three Honorary Presidents if the Congress.  The other two were Mme. Moh, Youn-Sook, Vice President of International P.E.N. and President of Korean P.E.N., and Prof. Suh, Jung-Jou, a leading poet of Korea. 


The Seoul Congress was attended by about 400 poets, almost half of them were local poets and half came from other parts of the world.  They discussed the theme “East and West in Modern Poetry” with six topics as follows: (1) Poetic Affinities: East and West, (2)Modern Western Poetry in the East, (3) Tradition and Foreign Influence in Modern Poetry, (4) International Aspects of Poetry Today (5) Function of a Poet in Our Time and (6) How to Regain Audience for Poetry.  Each topic was guided by a keynote speech of an elected speaker.  The conclusion of discussions was very fruitful. 


It was regrettable for us to learn that our beloved Founder Dr. Amado M. Yuzon passed away in January 1979.  It was indeed a great loss of the WCP movement.  The Seoul Congress offered a silent prayer at the opening ceremony to pay homage to the late founder. 


The Congress proceeded vividly in a manner of combination of meetings and sightseeing. The sessions through July 2-3 was held in Hotel Lotte, the best and newest one of its kind in Seoul at that time.  Started from July 4, the whole congress was moved to Hotel Sheraton on Walker Hill, a famous complex resort area. After that, a tour to Kyungju began, the poets visited the historical sites around the old city on July 5. The Congress was closed with a farewell reception at Suwon Country Club, and then returned to Seoul on July 6.  The beauty of Korea, traditional phases as well the modern ones impressed the poets of the world deeply. 


One thing that needs to be mentioned here is that almost all the expenses of participants were borne by the host.  Poets were all much obliged by the hospitality and generosity shown by the Korean people. 


A 60-page handbook in deluxe binding was distributed to the participants and a 148-page report was published shortly after the Congress.  These two publications are indeed the embodiment of the success of the 4th WCP.