At the invitation of Governor Marvin Mandel of Maryland and Mayor William Donald Schaefer on Baltimore, the 3rd WCP was held in Baltimore, Maryland from June 23-27, 1976 at which Dr. Jeno Platthy was President.  Two poets on the States, Richard Eberhard and Robert Penn Warren, were Honorary President and Honorary Vic President.  The Congress took p lace in the year of the auspicious USA Bicentennial. 


The topics of the Congress were (1) Honour and Glory in Poetry and (2) Poetry and Society. The discussion around the two topics was fruitful. 


More than 300 preeminent poets participated in the Congress. . Most of the leading poets from the states attended.  Two delegations arrived from ROC and Korea.  The Chinese delegations of 40, was headed by DR. Tin-wen Chung and the Korean delegation of 30, headed by Dr. Byung-hwa Cho. 


Sponsors of the Congress from the other countries were Dr. Amado M. Yuzon, Dr.Tin-wen Chung, Presidents of 1st WCP and 2nd WCP; Dr. Arthur Haulot, Founder/Secretary General of International Biennial of Poetry; Sr. Ernest Kay, Director General of International Who’s Who in Poetry; Dr. Krishna Srinivas, Founder/President of World Poetry International and Dr. Mimmo Morina, Director of New Europe. 


The highlights of the Baltimore Congress were (1) the world premiere of Dr. Jeno Platthy’s lyric opera “Bamboo”, staged at Queen Anne Fine Arts Auditorium, Prince George’s Community College, Largo, Maryland with great success; (2) the Alaska State Legislature presented a special show “Totem Echoes”, Alaskan Tlingit Indians dramatized song and dance performance, celebration the Congress and USA Bicentennial; and (3) Prof. Richard Eberhard delivered a keynote speech :poetry as Spirit” which deeply impressed the participants of the Congress. 


Edgar Allan Poe (1809-40), the great American poet was “the most miserable and alienated of man” lived and homage to his grave at the suburb of Baltimore.  The picture of the poet appeared in the cover of the 3rd WCP handbook.  Most sessions of the Congress held at the “Edgar Allan Poe Room” of the Baltimore Hilton. 


Followed the application from Korean delegation, a resolution was made that the next 4th WCP would be held in Seoul, Korea in 1979. The Baltimore Congress ended in awarding ceremony and cheers.