The 17th WCP was held in Seoul, Korea, 1997 at which Dr. Han-yi Baek was President. 


This was the second time the World Congress of Poets to hold its meeting in Seoul; they held the 4th WCP in Seoul in 1979 


The Seoul Congress was attended by about 200 poets almost half of them were local poets and half came from some 20 countries of the world, including Dr. Rosemary C. Wilkinson (U.S.A.), President of the World Academy of Arts and Culture (WAAC) and World Congress of Poets (WCP); Dr. Maurus Young (France/Taiwan), Secretary General of WAAC/WCP; Dr. Justice Mohan (India), Vice President of WAAC/WCP; and Dr. Milan Richter, poet from Slovakia and Dr. Germain Droogenbroodt, poet from Spain/Belgian. 


The Congress proceeded in a manner of combination of meetings, poetry readings and tours of historical royal palace and museums around the old city.