The 16th WCP was held in Maebashi City, Japan from August 22 to August 26, 1996. The Congress was chaired by poet and writer Yutaka Akiya. 


This report was prepared by Poet Kae Morii from Japan, because at the moment in which this book was written, poet Yutaka Akiya, the President of the 16th WCP, passed away. We are very grateful to Poet Kae Morii for her wonderful contribution.        


It was the first WCP developed in Japan and was attended by more than eight hundred poets including about 250 foreign poets from all over the world. All of them gathered to create the new vision and the world peace. 


The president of the Congress, Yutaka Akiya was also the president of the largest poetry group in Japan called “Chikyu” that means "the Earth", and of the various other associations as, the Japan Poet Association and of Saitama Poet Association. His neo –romantic poetry is known for his humanism and high quality and made a well known contribution to peace through poetry. He awarded the Prize of the Greek Writers Association. 


Maebashi was selected for this congress because is a beautiful green place full of water and the birth place of Sakutarou Hagiwara, the poet who made a transcendent work in modernist poetry and Japanese history of poetry. The President of the Japan Poet Association during the Congress, Kazue Shinkawa, the known poet of reverence of water for life and love on earth, as well as many Japanese poets celebrated the 16th WCP and exchanged their poetry with poets from abroad. 


This was a successful event under the theme- "The nature and the human being, let’s tell the future of the human being for 21 century".