The 15th WCP was held in Taipei, Taiwan on August 27-31, 1994 at which Dr. Chi-lung Wang (Lu Ti) was President and Dr. Maurus Young was Secretary General. The Congress was sponsored by Chinese Poetry Society. The site of the Congress was Asia world plaza Hotel.


The Taipei Congress was attended be about 535 poets from 48 nations. The topics was the Development of World Poetry in the 20th Century. Each of them was guided by a keynote speech before discussions. The keynote speaker was Prof Yu KWANG-CHUNG on Is The Muse Dead?〞 


The topics discussed in the Congress were: (1) Poetry and Nature, (2) Poetry and Society, with keynote speeches given by Prof. Yu Kwang-chung and Prof. Hu Ping-ching. 


The Congress ended with a highlight by awarding plaques and prizes to the deserved poets. Followed by loud cheers, a two-day post-congress tour took poets to Taiwan’ s eastern port city of Hualien and southern port city of Kaohsiung. 


The resolutions were passed by the Congress. One was to accept the invitation from Prof. Yutaka Akiya to have the 16th WCP held in Maebashi, Japan in 1996.