The 14th WCP was held in city of Monterrey Nuevo Leon State, Mexico. August 19 – 23, 1993.


It was chaired by poet, artist, singer, and writer Sonya Garza Rapport, aided by a large group of Monterrey intellectuals, arts and cultural agencies and the support of the Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey. 


This Congress of the XIV World Congress of Poets, under the sponsorship of the World Academy of Arts and Culture recognized by UNESCO was wonderful. In a great brotherhood, poets, writers and artists from Asia, Europe, Oceania and America, enjoyed together this poetry festival. 


The remarkable presence of the authorities of WAAC, Rosemary C. Wilkinson, (President) Lucy Cabieles (Secretary) and Carl Bernard (Advisor for Life), inserted a touch of quality and sympathy. 


Plenary sessions were attended in a wide majority, by Spanish-speaking authors, mainly from Mexico and Latin American countries, representatives from China, India and Japan, a group of poets from Europe, most of them from Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Greece. 


The participation of translators into English, French, Chinese and Portuguese, facilitated the creation of an atmosphere of brotherhood and universal unity. 


Representatives of Federal and State Government gave welcome addresses at the Palace of Art and Culture "Alfonso Reyes" whose main hall was insufficient to accommodate the important intellectual audience of Monterrey, which for the first time in Latin America, was witness to a solemn World Congress of Poetry. 


This report was provided by Dr. Litt. Manuel S. Leyva Martinez. (Universal Poet Laureate)