The 13th WCP was held in Haifa, Israel, September 7 – 11, 1992.  It was chaired by poet and writer Dr. Ada Aharoni, President of the 13th WCP and Head of the Hebrew Writers Association in Haifa and the North of Israel. 


It was attended and opened by the Mayor of Haifa, Mr. Arye Gurel and the Minister of Culture, Mrs. Shulamit Aloni, who both gave their warm greetings and blessings to the WCP Congress. It was also attended by Member of Israeli Parliament and Poet Gad Yacobi, and Member of Parliament Yael Dayan, daughter of the celebrated hero, Moshe Dayan. Poet Mike Scheideman and Poet and actor John Dicks, were Vice Presidents. Dr. Rosemary C, Wilkinson, WCP World President, greeted the audience in the name of the Poets of the World. 


The Congress was sponsored by Haifa Municipality, by the Israeli Writers and Poets Association, and by VOICES: the Israeli Poetry Society in English. The site of the Congress was Dan Carmel Hotel, the most elegant Hotel in Haifa and the North, with a marvelous view on the Haifa Bay and the North of the country. 


The 13th WCP was dedicated to the memory of the great poet Shin Shalom, who was the Head of the Israeli and Writers and Poetry Association for more than forty years. Dr. Ada Aharoni translated his beautiful and moving poetry into English, and she read some of his poems and analyzed their profound meaning and impact on the yearning for peace in the Middle East and the aspiration for World Peace. 


The theme of the Congress was: THE CREATION OF A WORLD BEYOND WAR THROUGH POETRY. All the various panels throughout the Congress was on a high and very inspiring level, as well as all the beautiful poems read by more than 450 poets, from 40 different countries, approximately half of them from abroad and half of them from Israel. The last day of the Congress was held in the Bedouin IFLAC Tent of Peace, where Jews, Christians, Moslem and Druze Poets read, sang and danced their poetry. It was a most elevating experience which deeply moved all the hundreds of people in the audience. 


The themes which were discussed throughout the Congress were: (1) The Influence of Poetry on Peace, (2) Poetry, Science and Education (3) Israeli Poetry and its Search for Peace (4) Poetry East and West (5) The PCTV: The Need for A Global Peace Culture Television Network. (6). Bridges of Understanding and Communication through Poetry. Each Panel was opened and guided by a Keynote Lecturer before the discussions. 


The Congress organized a very successful and exciting “Shin Shalom Peace Poetry Contest” throughout the four eventful days, and the three final winners were announced at the closing ceremony of the Congress held at the Haifa Municipality, under the auspices of the Mayor of Haifa Arye Gurel. After the presentation of the well-merited  awards to Dr. Ada Aharoni her two Vice Presidents, and major Poets, Mr. Gurel explained that  in the Jewish Tradition, 13 is a very special number, as it is the “Bar Mitzva” ceremony, when a young boy becomes a man. He blessed the WCP Congress as having arrived to its own 13 years maturity and said he was very proud they had chosen Haifa for this special ceremony. 


President Ada Aharoni concluded that the 13th WCP, has indeed proven it is an important part of the brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind for the betterment of the world. “The 13th WCP” she said, “with the help of all of you conscientious world poets, has solidly helped to pave a peaceful and harmonious global village through Poetry. She warmly thanked all the Poets who had helped in creating such a wonderful congress in Haifa, and invited them to taste of the beauty of Israel in the sightseeing week that started the next day. 


The Congress was ended in a standing ovation and enthusiastic applause by all and the beautiful singing of the 13th WCP Peace Hymn.