Under the high patronage and at the invitation of Hon. Namik Kemal Zeybek, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Turkiye, and proceeded by his successor Hon. Gokhan Maras, the 12th WCP was held in Istanbul, Turkiye from September 16-20, 1991 at which the Minister Gokhan Maras was Honorary President and poet Dr. Osman Turkay was President. 


Paying homage to Yunus Emer, the greatest Turkish  poet of the 13th-14th century, UNESCO declared 1991 the Yunus Emre Year of Love – Love of Man, Love of God, and Love of Universe.  More than 200 international poets and 100 local poets attended the Congress.  A great number of papers written about Yunus Emre by the participants had been read and discussed in the Congress. 


One of the highlights of the Congress was Dr. Talat Sait Halman, Former Minister of Culture and Ambassador for Cultural Affairs of Turkish Republic and now Professor of New York University, gave a lecture and poetry reading on “Yunus Emre: A Miracle of Poetry” with presentation of “Yunus Emre- Selected Poems” translated by the Professor and printed by chromolithograph into a deluxe edition. 


The WAAC donated 30 middle-size and 10 big-size golden plaques as Awards in Memory of Yunus Emre.  The Istanbul Congress was ended with the highlight of presenting these awards to the deserved and adding loud cheers: “Haifa, Israel! 1992!”