The 10th WCP was held in Bangkok, Thailand from November 14-18, 1988, with the presidency of H.R.H.Prince Chand Chirayu Rejani who was absent due to illness 


The Bangkok Congress was held with a special significance, paying tribute to the Longest Reign of H.M.King Bhumibol Adulyadej and to show respect to poet Sunthorn Phu (1786-1855).  The former Prime Minister M.R. Seni Pramoj graciously accepted the vice-presidency of the Congress and inaugurated the Congress with a keynote speech entitled “Music in Thai Poetry”.  The organizing Committee for the Congress was chaired by Prof. Sutharm Areekul Rector of Kasetsart University and his colleague Prof. Montri Umavijani who chaired the International Committee for the Congress.  In fact, Prof. Umavijani was the acting president of the Congress. 


More than 300 renowned poets attended the Congress.  Among them about one-third were from local and two-thirds from abroad.  The topics of the Congress were: (1) Poetry as a Vision of Humanity, (2) the Play and Place of Poetry in the Modern World, (3) Poetry and Song, and (4) The Poetry of Journey.  The discussions and conclusions on the topics were fruitful. 43papers from the participants were printed in book form. 


In all the past Congresses, from the 1st to the 9th, the delegation from the Republic of China on Taiwan had always been one of the biggest. In the 10th WCP, we were happy to see another delegation from the Chinese mainland to join us.  The Mainland delegation was composed of ten selected from ten areas, including talents from the north of Harbin to the south of Guangzhou.  Thus, Chinese poets from both sides of the Taiwan Straits met at the 10th WCP which was later called “The Bridge of Bangkok”. 


The Congress passed a significant resolution which reads: “Every university graduate should know his/her national poet and/or a world poet.  We request UNESCO to have every nation name its five poets, old and new, and make them available in official UN languages within two years time.” The resolution was presented to UNESCO by Prof. Umavijani personally in Paris in 1989. 


H.R.H. Prince Chand Chirayu Rajani, President of 10th WCP died on November 29, 1991 shortly after the publication of “Thai Faces”, a thick book in royal edition, collecting a great number of poems in Thai Kloang form with English translation by the Prince. It also has one hundred and thirty-five renowned photographers of the world.