Dear poets, this is our 2018 newsletter about the wonderful congress we had in China, this year, from the 10th up to th 16th of October, in Suiyang County, Guizhou.

This congress was a great one! With so many wonderful things that are difficult to tell them all, I´ll start with the beautiful hotels where poets were hosted in Shuanghe Inn and Qingxi Gorge Villa in “Shiherbeihou”, scenic spots. The first just at the most important Caves (the largest in Asia) and the second near to the lake.

We had an extraordinary Opening Ceremony of the 38th World Congress of Poets and the 2nd Shiherbeihou International Poetry Culture Week in Suiyang, China on October 13 with the participation of Mr. Lu Yungzheng(盧雍政),  Vice Governor of Guizhou Province, Dr. Maurus Young(楊允達), President of World Congress of Poets, Mr. Jidi Majia(吉狄馬加), Vice President of Chinese Writer´s Association, Mr. Yu Hanghai (余航海), Secretary of Communist Party Committee of Suiyang County, Liu Zhaowu( 劉兆武), Mayor of Suiyang County and more than 300 poets from 26  countries  around the world. We also had the Award Ceremony of Honorary Doctorates that were delivered to:

  • Jidi Majia (吉狄馬加)
  • Li Famo (李發模)
  • Ouyang Qiansen (歐陽黔森)
  • Li Pei (李裴)
  • Albert Young (Qing Feng, 青峰)
  • Attila Balazs
  • Zhang Qin (張琴)
  • Verhoeven-Chib V (Lianzi Chi, 池蓮子)
  • Michael Philipose Thathampally
  • María Eugenia Hernández Salaís
  • Na Soon-gyu
  • Aldo Samuel Cavero Galimidi
  • Shreedharan Parokode
  • R. K. Das

The ceremony continued with an amazing artistic perfomance with ethnic characteristics of Guizhou

The next days we had important lecturers at the forum “Spirit of Native Land in Poetry” with: Dr. Maurus Young, Pei Ge, George Chapouthier, Jami Proctor Xu, Simon J. Ortiz, Doc Drumheller, Malim Ghazali, Ziguo Li, Ma Yongbo, Hong Zhu, Li Qingsong.

The Forum “Poetic China-Romantic Guizhou” with: Wang Wenxue, Fang Ming, Haim Dotan, Li Famo, Dumu Luo-Fei, Guanzhong Gao, Lv Di, Li Jidang, Bingfeng, Weifeng Zhao, Shikai Jin.

There were poetry readings at the Karst Cave and in the Qingxi Lake during a beautiful cruise, all were sensational.

We all received an extraordinary present, such as a pillow roll made of herbs that really helps to rest!!! Beautiful T-shirts and so many smiles and concern of absolutly all the efficient staff, we really appreciate and thank it all, their effort and hard work.

At the closing ceremony on October 15, Dr. Yu Hsi (愚溪), President of the Crane Summit 21st International Forum, delivered a gold medal to Dr. Mei Er (梅爾), poet of China and organiser of the 38th WCP in Suiyang, in recognition of her brilliant achievement in poetry. Dr. Maurus Young delivered a Gold Gavel to Mayor Liu Zhaowu to express sincere gratitude to his  support in hold a WCP in China.
Also at our Closing Ceremony were delivered the awards to the outsatnding poets of the congress:

  • Kori Bolivia du Brésil
  • Guadalupe Chavez du Mexique
  • Chelly Abraham-Eitan d’Israël
  • Kae Mori du Japon
  • Yao Hui de Chine
  • LI Qingsong de Chine
  • Xia Hua de Chine

We announced the re election of the Executive Board and the election of two new members: Dr. Jacob Isaac from India and Dr. Albert Young from Switzerland, to whom we gave the most warm welcome. The venue of 39Th WCP was also announced by Mr. R. K. Das and Mr. Biswal, representatives of Dr. Achyuta Samanta, who will preside it. Dr. R. K. Das said that the 39th WCP will be held at the KIIT & KISS University in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha.

The  closing ceremony was  presidered over by Dr. Maria Eugenia Soberanis, Secretary General of WAAC/WCP. She announced that Dr. Achyuta Samanta had been awarded this year with the Honorary Doctorate of Literature and Golden Gavel which will be delivered  to him at the opening ceremony of the 39th WCP in India, as he couldn´t come to China this year for health reasons.
We had speeches from Mayor Liu Zhaowu, President of this 38th WCP, farewell dinner given by Mr. Yu Hanghai, Secretary  of Communist Party Committee of Suiyang County and some beautiful gifts presentations by Toshie Tai, He Yalan and Yu Liansheng. Next, we continue our evening with great joy.

We visited the Zhu Tao Art Gallery, Poetic Culture Exhibition Hall and Chinese Poetry Town Square. We visited Moutai city, the place were the best Moutai is made, the national licquor, and in Anshun we had a delicious dinner followed by a spectacular show at the theater, all this with the attendance of the Mayor of the city.

In the Executive Board Meeting on October 14, the Board has unanimously approved the  proposal made by Dr. Maurus Young  to appoint Dr. Yu Hsi, our Patron, to be the  President of WAAC (World Academy of Arts and Culture) and Dr. Maurus Young will remain as the President of the Congress of Poets.

Once more, we thank the organizers for giving us such a great Congress, that will be unforgettable!
Next WCP in India will not have any congress fee to pay, however, participants should pay their annual membership dues and attendance fee of US$50. We must wait for the general information that will be sent as soon as we have and that will also appear in our Facebook  and web pages. Let´s prepare for our great 50th anniversary celebration in India next year!

Here go some pictures! Enjoy them!
Dr. María Eugenia Soberanis 
WAAC/WCP General Secretary