Dear Members of WAAC/WCP, we have already got another achievement of our motto: “Peace and Brotherhood through Poetry” at the 35 WCP in Taiwan, which was held from the 5th to the 10th of November 2015, in the cities of Hualien and Changhua, which was also held by Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum.
35 WCP started with a touching ceremony of World Peace Inextinguishable Auspicious Lamp Lighting Ceremony, sounds of the Bell of Peace and the Nagak (large seashell played as horn), the introduction of the Indian Golden Buddha, welcome speeches of 35 WCP President Abbot Dao Yi also known as Dr. Yu Hsi; Dr. Maurus Young, WAAC/WCP President, and Honor Guests such as Dr. M. Rajaram Secretary to Government, Tamil Development and Information Department, India. We remember Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam former Indian President, poet, scientist, philosopher as well as politician of great erudition and scholarship, who was both modest and amiable and is still highly respected and admired by the people, who called him the “Poet President”.
The Opening Ceremony was held at the Arts Centre of Vandana Monastery in Hualien with a movie in memory of Indian President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, speeches of some Honor Guests and the unveiling ceremony of the bronze statue of Thiruvalluvar. Also at the Opening Ceremony we enjoyed the lecture of Professor Wang Chen-Hua, Te Chien Academy “The Book of Changes and the Middle Path-taking Confucius and His Poetic Education as Example”, Conferment of the Supreme Guests of Honor Medal, Ceremonial Gavel and Friendship Medals.
That same day we could appreciate the Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of Toshie Tai from Japan and a wonderful Music Event Banquet, with different performances.
We visited the Butterfly Valley Resort and we had a Poetry Recital at the National Dong Hwa University, where we enjoyed the words and sounds of different poetical languages and we checked one more time that poetry doesn´t have barriers of countries, races and religion and we experienced an encouraging atmosphere of brotherhood.
At Changhua poets could visit the Lu Gang Old Street and the Taiwan Glass Gallery, we learned about the oyster breeding environment and the history of oyster breeding. We knew the Fong-Yuan Lighthouse where we had a Poetry Recital as well as an elegant and meticulous tea ceremony. 
On November the 8th the Executive Board had its meeting, before it we was honored with a visit of a Chinese Delegation asking us for 36 WCP in their country. Even we are grateful with this kind offer we unfortunately could not accepted it as we already had given our word to Prague. We really hope we can have a WCP in China shortly.
In this Executive Board meeting we had elections, so we are glad to inform you Dr. Maurus Young has been reelected as President, as General Secretary Dr. María Eugenia Soberanis, 1st Vice President Dr. Ernesto Kahan, 2nd. Vice President Dr. Mend Ooyo, 3rd. Vice President Dr. Istvan Turczi, Dr. Bei Ta, Deputy Co General Secretary. Members: Dr. Sunwoo Ho, Dr. Jiri Dedecek, Dr. George Friederick Chapouthier. P.R. Dorothy Young and Treasurer Michelle Wang.
At the Closing Ceremony at Changua Normal University we had the speech of President Abbot Dao Yi (Yu Hsi),  Dr. María Eugenia Soberanis, General Secretary WAAC/WCP, and Ms. Wu Lan-Mei, Director-General of Cultural Affairs of Changhua County. The presentation of 2015 Awards of the World Academy of Arts and Culture also made in the closing ceremony as follows:
The Poet Laureate 2015:
1) Hsin Mu. From Taiwan, published 5 poetry books, including 5 books in English; Editor in Chief of “The Epoch Poetry Quaterly” in Taiwan, one of the most popular poetry magazines in Taiwan.
Honorary Doctorate Degree in Literature:
1) Cui Jinpeng. Poet from China, Life Member, published 4 poetry books including 2 books in English.
2) Ko Man-Su. Poet from Korea, Life Member, published 2 poetry books in English.
3) Su Ning. Poet from China, Life Member, published 3 poetry books.
4) Hsu Hisang-chieh, Life Member, published 3 poetry books.
5) Kai Huang. Poet from Germany, Life Member, published 3 poetry books.
6) Clara Luz Montoya Lagarde. Poet from México. Life Member, published 2 poetry books. Editor.
7) S. Isher Singh Sobti. Poet from India. Published 10 Books of poetry, stories and novel.
Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanities:
1) Sunwoo Ho. Poet Professor of Korea. Life Member and Executive Committee Member of WAAC/WCP.
WAAC/WCP Presidet Medal
1) Huang Yazhou. Poet and scenarist from China. Former Vice-President of Chinese Writers Association and President of Zhejiang Provincial Writers Association. Vice-President of Chinese Film Literature Society, Editorial Board Member of Chinese Poetry Mahazine. Published more than 30 books: poetry, prose, novel, etc.
Gavel of WAAC/WCP 
Dr. Yu Hsi. Poet, writer and philosopher of Taiwan. Patron of WAAC/WCP, President of 35 WCP.
Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir, the Executive Committee of Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum presented this Honorary Gavel of 35 WCP to Honorable Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir, Chief Minister of Perak, Malaysia. For his leadership and contribution to the promotion os world peace through arts and culture.
Poetry Contest Winners: (Upon number of  participants)
English: Elena Vargas (United Kingdom)
Spanish: Celina Cámpora (Argentina)
Chinese: Mei Er, Luo Luo, Leng Xianqiao
Mongolia: Multsan Yansukh
Dr. Jiri Dedecek, Executive Board Member and 36 WCP President, invite all attendants to come to Prague next year from September 20th to the 27th.  As Dr. Dedecek is himself a songwriter and singer, he used these wonderful gifts to make a most moving invitation to his country.
The beautiful Anthology of 35 WCP was presented, edited and published by the XXXV WCP, of 469 pages and 122 participants poets. The Foreword  was made by Yu Garden Dao (Dr. Yu Hi), Dr. Maurus Young, Dr. Ernesto Kahan, Dr. María Eugenia Soberanis and Dr. Mend Ooyo.
The last day of Congress we had a farewell breakfast. We said goodbye waiting to meet us again, next year in Prague.
We also want to share with you that our 3rd Vice President Dr. Istvan Turczi was awarded by the Serbian Literary Society with the Literary Society´s Poetry Prize and Honorary Citizenshio of Imperial Town Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica). As well Dr. Mend Ooyo has achieved the highest Order Honor of Mongolia, Order of the Chingiss Khaan which was given by Mongolia´s President.
We want to offer our deepest condolences to our sisters and brothers in poetry, as well as all the people of France, for the terrorist attacks that are not only against them but to all humanity and universal values we share. We strongly condemn such acts of terrorism wherever they may occur, and in all its forms and manifestations.