On this occasion to celebrate its version number 33, the World Congress of Poets was held in Malaysia. In its unwavering commitment to spread peace and brotherhood through poetry, more than 200 poets from all over the world responded enthusiastically to join and celebrate the grand event.

In the past we have enjoyed great and wonderful moments when we all join together, and our Congress in Malaysia was not the exception, we were received with true affection and courtesy. We would like to take advantage of this moment to express our gratitude to each and every person and local Government, Perak State and Ipoh city Government, President Wan Hua Chapouthier and her husband Georges who kindly took care of our every need and for all the hard work and endless hours they put in organizing which in turn lead to the success of this Congress. 33rd WCP had a huge support from authorities in an unprecedented way and WAAC/WCP has recognized this by giving 9 Honorary Doctorate of Literature Degree Diplomas and 5 Honorary Doctorate of Humanities Degree Diplomas to Chief Minister H.E. Dr. Zambry A.K. and high officials, scholars and top poets of Malaysia; 6 letters of Appreciations to Volunteers, as well with a gold gavel conferred upon Mrs. Wan Hua Chapouthier, President of 33rd WCP, in recognition and courtesy.

Many delegations from different countries attended 33rd WCP such as Taiwan, Mexico, China, Indonesia, Korea, Colombia, Morocco, USA, Denmark, Argentina, Belgian, Switzerland, France, South Africa, India, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, Brunei and of course poets from Malaysia. We gathered around 200 poets, half of them locals.

Starting our Congress with an elegant dinner we were pleased to have our opening ceremony attended by Chief Minister H.E. Dr. Zambry A.K. who himself is a poet. Preceding this evening was very active program. We enjoyed 13 Poetry readings and shows. A very interesting visit to Lenggong Archeological Museum, a Pantun Night with Chairman of “Port” and another one with Datuk Bandar Ipoh Mayor, the great caves of Kampung Jahang and a visit to Pangkor island. The Closing Ceremony was a Gala Night and was attended by Menteri Besar Perak and wife also Dymm Pemangku Raja Perak and Dytm Raja Puan Besar Perak. That night was also launched the planning of our 34th WCP to be held in Peru, so be prepared we will be waiting for you next year.

The Anthology of 33rd Congress was beautiful, featuring works by some 131 poets, applying the theme “One World through Poetry” with forewords from Dato´Seri DiRaja Dr. Zambry Abd. Kadir Menteri Besar Perak Darul Ridzuan, Nolee Ashilin Dato´Mohammed Radzi Chairman State Health, Tourism and Culture Committee Perak Darul Ridzuan, Wan Hua Chapouthier P.P.N. President of 33rd WCP, Dr. Maurus Young President of WAAC/WCP, Dr. Eugenia Soberanis General Secretary of WAAC/WCP, Dr. Ernesto Kahan, 1st. Vice-President of WAAC/WCP, Dr. Yu His, Patron of WAAC/WCP, Dr. Georges Chapouthier, Ph.D. Project Coordinator and Co-editor of this Anthology Mohamen Ghozali Abdul Rashid, Project Coordinator and Co-editor of this Anthology and Mohammad Haji Salleh, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.

At the opening ceremony on Oct. 21, Dr. Yu Hsi, noted poet from Taiwan and patron of WAAC/WCP, received a golden key of “Ipoh City Friendship Award” from Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir, Chief Minister of Perak, in recognition of his brilliant achievements in the field of poetry. In return, Dr. Yu Hsi conferred upon Dr. Zambry with “Crane Summit Supreme Honor Crown Medallion Award” in recognition of his contributions to the promotion of world brotherhood and peace through poetry.

We were sorry to know that Dr. Yu Hsi couldn´t attend this Congress at the last minute.

We also want to inform you that unfortunately Prof. Affa Weaver due to his important work had to resign from WAAC Executive Board; instead we welcome Dr. Sun-Woo Ho as a new Member of it, we feel happy to have him with us.

As it is each year Doctorates, Presidential Medals and Letters of Appreciation were granted to outstanding poets and supporters such as:

Name list of Poet Laureate 2013

Dr. Chin Pan See (Shi Ying), poet from Singapore.

Dr. Perungkavikko Va. Mu. Sethuraman, poet from India.


Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Literature (Litt.D) 2013.

Prof. Kuan Yu-Wei, poet of Taiwan.

Prof. Kim Kum-Jae, poet of South Korea.

Prof. Lin Ming-Li, poet of Taiwan.

Ethel Bello Solís, poet of Mexico.

Leng Xianqiao, poet of China.

Dato' Seri Diraja Dr Zambry bin Abdul Kadir

Datuk Awang bin Sariyan

Mohamed Ghozali bin Abdul Rashid

Mohamed Nor bin Khalid

Dr. Arbak Othman

A. Rahim Abdullah

Zabidin bin Ismail Dato' Seri Raja

Ahmad Zainuddin bin Raja Haji Omar

Saiee Driss


Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humanities 2013.

Datuk Saarani Mohammad

Dato' Zamri bin Man

Nolee Ashilin Dato' Mohammed Radzi

Dato' Zainol Fadzi bin Haji Paharudin

Ratnawati bte Jamil


Winners of Presidential Medals 2013.

Dr. Lee Jong-Hwa (李鐘和)

Dr. Georges Chapouthier

Mme. Toshie TAI


Namelist of Letter of Appreciation 2013 

1) Madam Maggie Ong Kee Mooi

2) Madam Kuah Hung Joo

3) Mr. Franky Fong

4) Ms. Stefanie Koh

5) Steven Tang

6) Edwin Goh.


Gavel of WAAC/WCP 2013 

Mme. Wan Hua Chapouthier


We also want to honor the memory of Dr. Tin-wen Chung (founder of WAAC/WCP, 1914 - 2012), Prof. Chi Hsian (founder of Modern Poetry in Taiwan, 1913-2013), Prof. Goro Ihara (life member in Japan) and Ninos Ahjo who passed away recently.

Here below there are some links with newspapers articles and pictures of this great 33rd. WCP, I hope you enjoy them. We encourage you to regularly visit our web page so you can be in touch with us and be aware of important news to come.

“World Brotherhood and Peace through Poetry”

Dr. María Eugenia Soberanis N.

General Secretary WAAC/WCP


Title: Nellore-based poet for WCP


Title: Penyair Sumsel akan hadiri Kongress Penyair Sedunia ke-33 di Malaysia