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  • " Dear Poet Friend, Poets transmit the message of endless time, they are ambassadors of human language, they express the intuition and feeling which honors and worships the natural world, and in today’s world therefore the words of your own poetry are most important. We must not break the string which is the rhythm of the human world and the world of nature. Today we need all the more clearly to express the voice of nature in the human mind through the melody of our language and through listening to the wisdom of the natural world. With this in mind, we are inviting the poets of the world to gather in Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar for World Poetry Days, “The Wisdom of Nature and the Nature of the Human Heart,” to attend to the 37th World Congress of Poets, to read your poetry at the International Poetry Festival, to travel in the Gobi desert, to grow closer to each other, to open their hearts and exchange their experiences. I am inviting to you to the World Poetry Days in Mongolia between 16-22 August 2017. Please familiarise yourself with the information of the event and brief program enclosed with this invitation. Yours Sincerely, G.Mend-Ooyo President, World Poetry Days in Mongolia "

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By Dr.Tin-wen Chung ✝

The World Congress of Poets was founded in 1969 and today we are celebrating its 43th founding anniversary with happiness. Progress has been made in fields of world peace and mutual understanding. I should be with you in this grand occasion in my capacity as the only living founder of WCP and its governing body WAAC and shouting: “Happy Birthday”!

Unfortunately, I can’t make long voyage anymore due to my age and poor health. However, I wish that you may read aloud with me “Objectives of the World Congress of Poets” for mutual encouragement:

I. To close ranks for the fulfillment of its cherished dreams of BROTHERHOOD and peace so that:


Dr.Tin-wen Chung

Founder of World Academy of Arts and Culture, Inc.

Co-Founder of World Congress of Poets

The opening of 32nd World Congress of Poets in Tel Aviv, capital city of Israel, in the year of 2012 bears special significance.

Executive Board of the Academy


Ms. Michelle Wang. 1111 Almaden, San Jose, CA 95120, USA

María Eugenia Soberanis General Secretary